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Monday, July 2, 2012

Magical Monday: Who wields this curvaceous and womanly sword?

The violent waves of tropical storm Debby were wrathful, pounding the Tampa vicinity with relentless rain last week. I needed some magic to block the lagoon waters from rising into our backyard. Now, life is returning to normal with a few leftover reminders of the fierce tempest. Boats are still moored several feet too high on their lifts to avoid pounding by the storm surge that has passed. Interesting debris can be seen on the shores, including this lovely find I encountered…something fascinating and obviously imbued with power from the depths of Neptune or some distant land.

It’s an amazing and curious short sword. The hilt has a small brass guard, not much to keep the hand from slipping off the grip, and no guard at all to prevent fingers from sliding onto the blade when it’s thrust into an opponent. But the grip itself is certainly curvaceous enough to prevent slippage. The feminine form is exalted in this artwork. How does the magic of this blade serve that gender?

I think it’s a sword wielded by a member of a powerful clan of sorceresses. The ampleness of the womanly grip pays homage to and upholds the rites of their goddess. The women bearing this weapon could easily overpower men in combat to help safeguard the existence of her race.

Or does the blade belong to a male, endowing him with supernatural courage to fight for his queen or lover? 

What do you think? Who would best use this sword fashioned in such an alluring design? And for what purpose? All imaginings are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a cynic...

Reminds me of a scene in Games of Thrones - I can't remember which episode but all I know is that the guy is definitely a good one however I can imagine him with this short sword. More of an irreverent attitude towards women *oops*

Marsha A. Moore said...

Tiensblurb, I can certainly imagine this weapon used by an evil character, intending wrong on women.