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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interviewing author L.M. Pruitt about her release Shades of Desire

I'm happy to welcome author L.M. Pruitt today to my blog! I was able to ask her some probing questions about her new book, Shades of Grey. 

Your main character in Shades of Grey, Jude Magdalyn Henries, is thrust into the tumultuous underworld of magic and vampires in New Orleans. As a fake tarot reader, what can she do to save her beloved city?

Ah, but who says all she is is a fake tarot card reader? Part of the journey of the story is discovering that some of the things you thought were true your entire life are nothing but carefully constructed lies.

Who hires her to do the private reading that involves Jude in that underworld?

This is a question with three levels—there’s the obvious person paying the bill. The person pulling those strings, determined to find out how powerful Jude is. And there’s the third person, who pulls the strings on the second level, and is out for vengeance.

Do the two men in Jude’s life, Williams and Theo, come to her aid when she faces this new challenge?

When you’re fighting a war, you need two kinds of people—the obvious warrior and the person who can make you forget the horrors of war. Who you are will depend on which role you consider more important.

Jude seems torn between those two men, each calling to a different part of her. What are those different sides of her personality? One scares her a little. Why? What do each of the men see in Jude? What draws them to her?

I think Jude is like all of us—she’s both a realist and a dreamer. Both men scare her, because as much as she can accept reality, meaning dealing with vampires and magic and things that go bump in the night, she also dreams of family and stability and love. This isn’t to say that each man represents only one of those traits—just that each has their strong points. As to why Theo and Williams are drawn to her…well, some of the appeal is because she’s new on the radar. There’s also, for lack of a better word, an innocence about her in an emotional sense, undiluted by her time on the streets. Finally, she’s kind of bitchy—and for some reason most men find that attractive, lol.

Briefly describe the magical systems of your world. How do those who are empowered gain their abilities?

Right now, there are two ways people come into power. Either you’re born with it or someone powerful can gift it to you on their death, an ability that was lost to the Covenant for years but is now returning with the return of their power source.

As to the magical system—I like to think of it in terms of any type of large organization. In order to be successful, not everyone can have the same skill set. The more diverse the group, the more likely they are to continue to expand and fill their niche. So the Covenant isn’t straight magic—there’s also voodoo and divination and empathic/emotional magic. It’s a grab bag, which can make for interesting encounters.

Shades of Desire
By L.M. Pruitt
Book 2 Jude Magdalyn Series

All I wanted was a little peace and quiet.

Instead, I've got dead Covenant members and a steady stream of letters from the new guy in town. His beverage of choice? A 2002 Merlot, with a shot or two of powerful virgin blood.

On top of that, I'm breaking in a new police liaison, failing at playing matchmaker, and fighting nausea like it's a full time
job. All I wanted was a little peace and quiet.

Instead, I've got dead Covenant members and a steady stream of letters from the new guy in town. His beverage of choice? A 2002 Merlot, with a shot or two of powerful virgin blood.

On top of that, I'm breaking in a new police liaison, failing at playing matchmaker, and fighting nausea like it's a full time job.

Did I forget to mention that I've also got enough girls living at the Crossroads to start my own boarding school?

Peace and quiet? Out the window.

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Book 1 Shades of Gray for your Kindle, in Paperback

Shades of Gray
Book One
By L.M. Pruitt

Jude Magdalyn Henries lives what many would call an unconventional life. 

Orphaned at birth, raised by nuns, a teenage runaway living on the streets... she now earns a living at odd jobs, including one as a fake tarot card reader. Very little about Jude's life appears normal, by any scale. 

When she accepts a gig to do a private reading, unconventional takes on an entirely new meaning. Life as she knows it ends when she's thrust into a world she never knew existed-one filled with magic, vampires, and her beloved New Orleans on the verge of an underground war. 

To make matters worse, she's got two men in her life vying for attention, Williams and Theo. Both call to a different part of her, but one scares her just a little bit. 

Can she step up to the challenges set before her and make the right choices for the greatergreater good?

Excerpt Shades of Desire

“If someone doesn’t get me a lemon in the next five minutes, everyone will suffer. A lot.”
“Jude, I love you. Which is why I can say you’re being just a little overdramatic.” One look at my face and Theo changed his tune. “But then again, you could say pregnancy is dramatic and you’re just getting into the groove.”
“Nice save.” I tried to sit up again. Halfway through the upward movement greasy waves of nausea rolled over me and I eased back down onto the pillow. Strands of black hair clung to my sweaty face and I closed my eyes, exhaling slowly. “Not as nice as that lemon would be right now, but nice.”
“Elizabeth will be here in a moment. No doubt she’ll have a lemon. And tea. And toast.” Theo turned over to face me, laying one hand over my still mostly flat stomach. If you looked close, you could see the smallest of bumps.
I know, because I checked. Every other day or so.
If anybody told me three months ago, that the week before Halloween, I’d be lying in bed with a man who absolutely adored me—even the crazy parts—I’d have asked them what the hell they were smoking. If they’d thrown in being pregnant, I would have punched them in their jaw. Then gone to the store and bought a dozen pregnancy tests and prayed for them all to be negative.
But that was before the Covenant.
In two weeks, I’d gone from being an orphan raised by nuns, to the latest in a long line of only daughters. Women charged with the protection and well-being of hundreds of people with unique powers. Some made flame burn for hours, while others called the wind to knock you flat on your ass. They were a group of people who came together over two-hundred years ago, bound by a prophecy. One with no past, lost in the present, will bring in the future, through gifts of both this world and the next.
And lucky me, I’d passed the job interview.
I’d sent Hart to a muddy, watery grave-literally. Unless something went crazy wrong, he’d stay under the Mississippi until the Final Judgment. Williams ruled the vampires of the city now and kept his distance as much as possible.
And I, Jude Magdalyn Henries, led the Covenant. Maybe I wasn’t terrific at it. But Gillian would be proud.
All things considered, I think I came out with a pretty good deal.

About the Author:
L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. She is the author of the Jude Magdalyn Series as well as New Moon Rising, featuring Cari Gravier, and Taken, featuring Frankie Post. She is currently at work on the next book in the Moon Rising series, Harvest Moon Rising, due out April 2012. Ms. Pruitt makes her home in Florida with two cats--one smart, the other not so much.

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Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

New Orleans, I love any story set in New Orleans! The characters in Shades of Desire intrigue me and I'll be checking out the book this week!
Great interview Marsha that showcases Ms. Pruitt's work for the reader.