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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea Leaf Tales: Wrath of the Headless Lady

Strange how the headless lady refused to sit on that nice velvet-cushioned chair. Did she think it was important to keep her armless sleeve closer to her pocketbook on the high table? I had politely asked her to be seated, maintaining my most sincere tone even though I talked to a headless person, something I rarely do. 

I know…maybe she wanted to stand near that portrait. Perhaps it represented the woman in her prime, when she possessed all of her body parts. Seems likely since the character in the painting also wore the lady’s favorite dress styles—a long rose-colored gown, trimmed with white lace at the cuffs and bodice.

After several failed attempts at communication, I took the seat myself. 

As soon as I did, a female voice from behind snapped, “Get up! I’m trying to convince my twin sister to take a rest and look more like me.”

I jumped up and a burning pain encircled my neck.

Tea Leaf Tales is a series of original ten-sentence short stories by Marsha A. Moore, relating to photos/scenes that resonate with her.
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Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. The first of her epic fantasy romance series, ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS, is now available--SEEKING A SCRIBE. She has also authored the Ciel's Legacy series, fantasy romance with fast action mermaid/pirate storylines: TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE and TORTUGA TREASURE.  For a FREE ebook download, read her historic fantasy, LE CIRQUE DE MAGIE, available at Amazon and Smashwords.