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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Please nominate this terrific book, Whit’s End, by my critique partner, in the Kindle Scout competition #FreeBook

I never share books outside of fantasy or paranormal, but today I’m making an important exception.

L. Virelli has been my amazing critique partner for almost seven years. She’s labored over every chapter of every one of my published books. I think she deserves your vote in her Kindle Scout competition just for putting up with me for that long. But I can attest to the fact that her women’s fiction novel, Whit’s End, is a great read. Her characters seem real with raw emotion, so much that I still think of them as real people. You will be wrapped up in their lives.

Please nominate her book in the Kindle Scout competition. It would make both me and her very happy. And, if she wins publication, you get her book for free!
Here’s her guest post that shares more about her book.

Have you ever wondered where morality fits into our society today?
by L. Virelli

My women’s contemporary fiction novel, Whit’s End, addresses the path two women take when facing the same moral dilemma.

Have you ever experienced family dysfunction and/or tough times in a marriage? Have you ever witnessed it elsewhere?

Ava and Meg, the two female characters in my novel, have what appears to be happy marriages on the outside. Behind closed doors, their dysfunction, miscommunication and manipulations runs rampant. There is no physical abuse, but the erratic dysfunctional behaviors affects these two women emotionally. They question their own worth. They wonder if they will ever be happy in their present situations.

How do they cope?

They each meet other men who make them feel good about themselves. The other men give them hope for the happiness they are not finding at home.

Is this what they’ve been looking for all along … a different path for happiness? Is it a question of morality, or doing what they feel is best to better their lives?

If my novel, Whit’s End, wins publication through Kindle Scout, you can find out what they choose to do. If you nominate me, and I win publication, you’ll receive a free e-reader copy of the novel.

I look forward to hearing discussions on these women’s decisions and how they handle the consequences. So, if you haven’t done it already, please consider NOMINATING MY NOVEL. The campaign ends on October 22nd, so I’d be grateful if you also spread the word.

I can’t wait to ask women what they think they would do if they were in Ava or Meg’s shoes.

Thank you for your support.

I’ve again placed the official link below.
Book Description:

Whit’s End
by L. Virelli
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Marriages crack, but is an affair the answer?

Two unhappily married women starving for affection from their husbands meet other men who can satisfy their hunger. Ava and Meg are married to the dysfunctional Whitaker brothers. Should they compromise their deep-rooted family values and moral integrity? One chooses to work harder on her marriage. The other opts to have an affair. Family bonds shatter. Friendships suffer. Forced to dig deep within to face ugly truths, Ava and Meg grow in ways they didn't know possible.


Ava Whitaker

The letters on the computer screen blurred, mimicking the whirling haze in Ava’s mind. How did a simple work project lead to such intrigue over a man she only met online? Now, he wanted to meet her in person. Why not? He knew she was married and swore he just wanted to be friends. Coffee shops were public places, so she didn’t need to fear being attacked. But, did she really fear an attack or the attraction between them? 
Sitting on the sofa with the computer on her lap, Ava shook her head and snickered at herself. Silly of her to imagine he felt the same enticement as she did for him. His words had caught her attention at first, but then his photo…
Oh dear. Her resistance weakened at the memory of his shadowy beard punctuating a bright smile with a dimple in his right cheek. A Keith Urban haircut and tight T-shirt added to the rogue appeal. 
She grinned, her insides tickling over the prospect of actually seeing him in the flesh. She hadn’t reacted like this to a man in years—that bad boy image drew her like a magnet.
A heavy exhale blew through Ava’s lips. Why, oh why did her boss, the congressman, have to assign her to read the political discussion board where she’d met up with the enigmatic man? Before even laying eyes on his picture, he hooked her with his intellectual words. She loved a good debate, and apparently he did too, as he showed enormous interest in her own points of view. He said she opened his mind to new perspectives, and he enjoyed how she made him laugh. Friendly compliments, or flirting? Either way, the adulation felt good, because she certainly didn’t get any from her husband. 
Ava rested her head back on the sofa pillows, closed her eyes and released a melancholy sigh. The men she dated before marriage were trouble. Ava thought she’d struck gold when falling in love with a clean-cut, respectful family man. Her heart and hopes sank, because a stable life with him now seemed near impossible. 
Over the past twenty years, her husband had switched from calm and compassionate, to insensitive, withdrawn and self-involved. She didn’t know how to awaken the loving man she’d married who seemed buried deep inside. Even when they were in the same room, he was absent from their marriage.
She jerked her head upright, her neck stiffening with indignation toward herself. How could she compromise her core principles? Normally, nothing would justify even contemplating the idea. Is this what it’s come to? Am I really that unhappy?

Meg Whitaker

Meg, the newest member of the symphony orchestra, eyed the conductor as he spoke to a percussionist before rehearsal. Wavy blond hair touched the top of his shoulders. Despite a small frame, the defined muscles rippled in his lean arms. Definitely different from her husband’s larger, but flabby, build. 
He moved toward the podium and caught her staring. Their eyes locked for a few intense seconds, until he raised his baton, and they each concentrated on the job at hand.
Violin to her chin, Meg read the music in front of her. 
The conductor’s arms floated to and fro, his body swaying. 
During a break from her part in the composition, Meg caught his eyes again and thought she’d drown in their sea of green. His masculinity pulled her toward him uncontrollably. Did he continue to watch her through the corner of his eye?
Unexpected giddiness welled inside her. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so aroused. Certainly her husband didn’t elicit such a thrill, not even in the early stages of their relationship. 
Meg had forgotten what she ever saw in her sports-minded husband. How could she have thought they were a good match those twenty-plus years ago? With her dream to play in an orchestra finally realized, life with him appeared unrefined. The man had no interest in her activities, and honestly, she hated sports. For years she supported his endeavors. When the time came for him to reciprocate, he mocked “those flighty musicians.”
She longed to be understood and imagined being loved by someone who recognized her talents. 
Meg and the conductor had immediately clicked during the few times they spoke. She held back a grin thinking about how much they had in common. Did she misinterpret his signals, or did he feel the same compelling pull? Maybe the handsome musician would steal her away, replacing her empty life with fulfillment and joy.

About the Author:

I enjoy reading and writing fiction about characters we can relate to and the drama that is created from emotional reactions. Human behavior fascinates me. When opportunities for growth arise, do we recognize them? When we do, the outcomes can be inspirational. I grew up in the Midwest and write about maddening and humorous family dysfunction in my memoir anthology, Home Avenue. Come and join the discussion on my blog about life, pets and philosophy at the Lori's Lane link below my bio picture.

Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
A. Yes, but depending on what's happening in someone's life, each person may receive a different message. Beta Readers told me there is a lot to relate to and apply to their own lives. I'd love to hear how the message resonates for different people.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
A. It was difficult to move forward in time twenty years without summarizing and telling. I needed to show the difficulties these women faced over the years so the reader understood why they might consider having an affair.

Q. What did you learn while writing this book?
A. There are a lot of nuances to writing that need to be addressed and finely tuned. Between my writers critique group, Beta Readers, and an editor, there was a lot I learned about putting the reader in the minds and hearts of my characters. I also learned that having those people's help was essential.

Nominate Whit’s End by L Virelli in the Kindle Scout competition.

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I'm honored that you're featuring my Kindle Scout campaign, Marsha. I enjoy working with you and reading your novels. Thank you for sharing my campaign.

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