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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tea Leaf Tales: Only for my Besties—A Magic Elixir

For my extra special friends—that’s you—I’ve got something incredible to share. But first, promise that you won’t tell anyone, or at least just guide them to my directions here—that’s okay—but only if they’re on your absolute bestie list.

One day last week, I noticed my neighbor a few doors down loading and unloading several five-gallon buckets from the back of his SUV. The guy is the ultra-handy sort and always up to do-it-yourself projects, one after another that make mere mortals feel even more ordinary.

Sometimes, I like to walk past his house to get ideas for my own projects, or to enjoy the mental challenge on the way home of trying to find time that doesn’t exist in my schedule to take on one more job.

Anyway, this time my reason was pure snooping, nothing principled, idealistic, or industrious as I strolled past looking like I had nothing better to do than enjoy the settling dusk, but instead spied purple water in one of his buckets—not just plain purple water, but a gleam of violet phosphorescence haloed the surface. I lingered behind a bush, and my neighbor poured the elixir on his bougainvillea vines, rose bushes, and creeping sunshine mimosa. Before my eyes, those plants grew thicker foliage, more abundant blooms, and headier fragrances so strong that I was delirious with the scent in my nose even after I returned home.

The next morning, when he loaded the empty buckets, I followed him to the back of our housing area, along the pot-holed construction road to this unmarked well. Since then, I’ve worked my own magic on my jasmine vines, which are now engulfing the porch with sweet, angelic, popcorn-like blooms…and the secret is now yours.

Tea Leaf Tales is a series of original ten-sentence short stories by Marsha A. Moore, relating to photos/scenes that resonate with her.

Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. Read her ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS for adventurous, epic fantasy romance. For a FREE ebook sample of her writing, read her historic fantasy short story, LE CIRQUE DE MAGIE, available at Amazon and Smashwords.