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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Duality of a Protagonist: The Conflicts Therein ~guest post by fantasy author Anthony DeRouen

I'm pleased to have fantasy author Anthony DeRouen here to share his thoughts about the role of the protagonist in epic fantasy. Be sure to check out his new release, Precipice

Duality of a Protagonist: The Conflicts Therein
by Anthony DeRouen

I wasn’t aware of Steven Erikson’s Tale of the Malazan Fallen until just recently. I applaud Steven for beginning a saga smack dab in the middle – a point in the story where numerous plotlines are already colliding. Coincidentally, I took the same approach in writing Precipice, with the mind of showing the readers a time in history where the main protagonist’s course in life was about to change irrevocably. Up until the time of Precipice, Danika Del Ray enjoyed the balance of using her gift as a mystical healer, and her station as General of the Medainshel forces of Ahnar. One side was given to her at birth, while the other was earned through years of training and merit.

Children born with the gift of expelling regenerative energies are selected by hand and groomed by a special academy built for the purpose of converting them into Healers. The title of “Healer” carries many prodigious aspects. A fully trained-healer can repair virtually any wound, remove traces of sickness and disease from a person’s blood, and even cleanse a moderately sized water supply of foulness. Healers who continue their studies can also learn the art of Shielding. It goes without saying, when a Healer pays visit to a local village or township, they become the focal point of attention and adoration. Not for who they are, but for what they can provide.

Danika enjoys the healing aspect of her life. She helps people live longer, healthier lives.  But she didn’t earn the right to become a healer. She was ushered in the academy at a very young age, against her will, in a country far and away from home. During the years of her schooling, Danika took an interest in the military and joined soon after graduation. Thus began her dual role as an Ahnarian citizen.

The character of Danika was loosely modeled after Dustin Hoffman’s character in the movie Outbreak. Dustin Hoffman played a colonel in the medical research arm of the United States military. The idea of a man or woman holding a military rank in a specialized medical field, and suddenly thrust into a situation where they must employ one or both sides of their craft raised many thought provoking questions for me. What if the person was forced to kill in order to save innocent lives, how would this affect the side that lends succor? One can view the question from the opposite side and say, “Can you heal a fallen enemy?”  Danika faces problems like this and more in Precipice.

She is not a god by any means; however, beyond the existence of sorcerers Danika commands a power very few can equal. Within that boundary of power comes a price. Danika must tread a path between life and death, never swaying to either side, or risk losing her humanity.

About the Book
Precipice is an epic fantasy adventure revolving around Danika and Kiruna Del Ray, two sisters born with unique mystical abilities who must retrieve a stolen book of magic before its power can be harnessed for evil. Together, they must battle to overcome an array of obstacles impeding their quarry, arising not just from the enemy, but also from allies who secretly work against them. Precipice is the first thrilling act in the A Show for the Gods series.

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About the Author
Anthony DeRouen was born and raised in Redwood City, California. Anthony began writing short stories and fan fiction in 2008. He has published one novel and written two others in the A Show for the Gods series: Precipice, Diviner, and End of Dreams.

A growing passion for online role-playing games introduced Anthony to the world of fan fiction where he compiled numerous stories and articles for his fellow guildmates to enjoy.

In 2009 while drafting a fantasy article for a friend’s gaming website he fell love with the concept of a battle healer who defends a country not her own against sinister forces bent on releasing a terrible power. A number of plot lines were developed along with how the world would appear at the height of its economical and political strength in the beginning, and then deteriorate as events unfolded.

When Anthony is not writing, he’s playing MMO’s such as Guild Wars 2 and Everquest 2,or training for obstacle course runs.

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