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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Watcha Reading? Blog Hop

Watcha Reading? blog hop

Through the end of May  I’ll be participating in the Whatcha Reading? Blog Hop organized by Tracy Falbe This is a fun way to share and begin some good discussions about books we're interested in. Please use the linky list below to check out the posts of others participating in the hop, or feel free to sign up and add a post of your own.

I'm currently reading two books.

The first is Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. I've enjoyed reading magical realism for at least a decade. I'm intrigued by the style of the genre and have been surveying more authors in that category. This is not only for pleasure but for research to notice the similarities and differences within the genre. For my own writing, I'm beginning to plot my next series and intend it to be magical realism. I've wanted to write magical realism for many years. With my present high fantasy series ending after one more book, I'm eagerly looking at a new adventure around the corner.

In Practical Magic, I'm nearing the mid-point, and it's definitely holding my attention. Like all magical realism, the line between real and magical is wonderfully blurred in the adventures of three generations of Owens' women: the two spinster aunts; their two nieces who, as children, became their charges; and, later, the two daughters of one of the grown nieces.

Additionally, I'm reading The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope. This is an assigned reading which is part of the yoga teacher training program I'm currently enrolled in. Although the title sounded a bit dry when I first picked it up, the book is actually alive with practical application. The author used a terrific technique, following the lives of five yoga students over a few years during their studies at the Kripalu Center for Yoga in Cambridge. Delving into those students' personal challenges and triumphs clearly illustrates the meanings of the historical text of the yoga sutras written by Patanjali in the 2nd century BC. The reading takes difficult concepts and makes them real and interesting through practical application.

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