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Friday, January 11, 2013

Interviewing Isis Rushdan about her paranormal romance, Kindred of the Fallen

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a fellow Floridian author, Isis Rushdan, about her new paranormal romance, Kindred of the Fallen. Be sure to check out her book as well as her awesome contest at the end of this post.


In your new release, Kindred of the Fallen, does your heroine, Serenity, question her supernatural soul-reading abilities that allow her to easily create custom tattoos?

When she was much younger, she questioned what she saw as she touched someone for the first time. It took years for her to connect it to a person’s character, their desires, their flaws, their strengths—in essence their soul. Partnering up with her friend, Dougie, to open Soul Ink Designs was her way of accepting her gift and using it to earn a living.

What has Cyrus been doing to prepare himself to claim Serenity as his Blessed mate—the other half of a split soul that, once reunited, is his only chance to break the curse that plagues his people? 

On Wednesday, Jan 9th, I posted a deleted prologue on my blog that shows exactly how Cyrus found Serenity. It also gives insight into his approach to handle the situation with shrewd care instead of as a brute warrior.

He watched her for several days to learn about her life and to help him introduce her to the world of Kindred in what he hoped would be an easier manner. Unfortunately, his plan pretty much blew up in his face repeatedly.

Why is Serenity pursued by armed militants?

The team leader of the armed militants is Artemis. Her employer keeps her busy making things difficult for all Kindred and gives her instructions to notify him if Cyrus finds his mate. The employer wants to prevent the curse from being broken right along with at least one clan of Kindred. Once the militants discover Cyrus has an interest in Serenity, they want to know why. 

I can’t give away more about Artemis or the employer. Many questions are answered in book 1, but readers will have to wait for later books to learn more about the employer.

Serenity is Kindred. What does it mean to belong to that group?

It means she isn’t human and that there is a logical (in the Kindred world anyway) explanation for why she’s always had trouble fitting in, keeping friends, can read human souls and her dead father appears from time to time.

Why is Serenity cursed? Do all Kindred share this curse? How might she suffer from the horrors of the blood rage and the dark veil?

All Kindred are cursed as descendants of the Fallen. The Fallen were powerful ancient beings who walked the earth before humans. They were cursed for their transgressions and their powers divided along with their souls into two different bodies as punishment. Serenity and Cyrus are special or Blessed as the reincarnation of one ancient being. 

Serenity actually has the early stages of the dark veil before she meets Cyrus. It tends to set in slowly. Of course she just thinks that she experiences bouts of depression. If Cyrus hadn’t found her, the depression would have worsened over the next few years and then madness until most likely suicide.

How might Serenity and Cyrus’s union redeem the Kindred? What must happen for them to unite their split souls—love, completing a set task, sexual union, etc.?

According to Kindred legend, the severed soul of one of the Fallen must be reunited and made whole to break the curse. Reunification begins as the body and anima and soul meld into one when a Blessed couple make love. Complete reunification manifests once the couple has a child, the first Kindred with a sanctified or whole soul, the redeemer.

What Cyrus doesn’t plan on is that Serenity has absolutely no desire to ever be a mother due to the trauma of being abandoned by her own mother when she was five.

Briefly describe the magical systems of your world. How do those who are empowered gain their abilities?

Kindred are born with powers and are either warriors or of the psi class. 

Warriors are what you’d typically expect in regards to their strength and speed, but they can also shift in color as an evolutionary defensive mechanism.

Those of the psi class like Serenity run the gamut of superhero type powers such as telekinesis, healing and precognition. In addition to her soul-reading ability, Serenity’s other gifts are quite unique, but I don’t want to spoil anything for readers by giving too much away. 

Kindred also have latent abilities that only manifest after connecting with their mates. For example, Cyrus who is a warrior eventually gets his wings after his energy stream melds with Serenity’s.

Thank you for having me here today, Marsha!

Kindred Chronicles Book One
Isis Rushdan

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing 
Date of Publication: January 8, 2013
ISBN: 9781619212893
ASIN: B009R89AF2
Number of pages: 444
Word Count: 115,000
Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Book Description:

Serenity’s soul-reading ability lets her easily create custom tattoos. Everything else in her life is a struggle, from trying to make it work with her best friend, Evan, to nightmares and visions that make her question her sanity.

Then she meets a man who sharpens her craving for something more.

Cyrus has been preparing to claim her as his Blessed mate—the other half of a split soul that, once reunited, is his only chance to break the curse that plagues his people.

One moment, armed militants are firing questions Serenity cannot answer. The next, she is safe in Cyrus’s arms…and learning she isn’t even human. She is Kindred, blessed with preternatural powers, cursed to suffer the twin horrors of the blood rage and the dark veil.

Their union is the greatest hope for redemption in a thousand years, but not all Kindred want to be saved. A dark secret could snuff out their lives before love has a chance to unite them…and redeem the Kindred for all time.

Greater the love…sweeter the pleasure…higher the price that must be paid.

About the Author: 

Isis Rushdan was born and raised in New York City. She has a B.A. in psychology from The Ohio State University. Wanderlust has taken her across the globe and has kept her moving every three years. Fortunately, she is blessed with a husband who shares her passion for travel, movies and fantastic food. Prior to following her bliss as a writer, she had a bright career as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. She currently resides in sunny Florida, where she hopes to finally  establish  roots,  with  her  husband,  son  and  canine  kiddies. 

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