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Monday, August 6, 2012

Magical Monday: Help! What does this crystal blaster do?

Last week, as a late anniversary treat, my husband and I went to see Le Cirque Du Soleil. It was our first time, and we had great seats in the front row. We had a wonderful time! Being so close, there were lots of surprises like getting to know the clowns a bit too personally—very fun guys! One other thing was that this prop rolled off the stage and landed at my feet. I attempted to give it back, but none of the clowns or other performers at the curtain call seemed interested.

I remember how one of them used this magical device. In her role as a mythical exotic tribeswoman, she blew into the lower end and the copper wires at the opposite end glowed blue-white. After a short while, the crystal inside the wire lit from within and sent sparks of white light all across the stage and onto me. The aerial dancers in its sphere of light transformed, their abilities growing beyond human, almost like wild animals. Based on how it worked for that tribeswoman, I’ll name this device a crystal blaster.

Since I fell in its magic light, I wonder if that’s why it rolled to me. But, more importantly, I’m wondering what its magic will do for me and to me. I would love if that light gave me agility and flexibility of those performers. It would be amazing to twist and turn and almost fly like they did. I’m very good at yoga, but a long way from their abilities. Or maybe if I blow into the crystal blaster, the entire troupe would perform in my backyard. Wishful thinking since I know all magic comes with a price closely associated with its benefit.

What do you think are the benefits and costs of possessing this crystal blaster? All help will be appreciated.

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Heather Haven said...

As usual, Marsha, you push the envelope of what is real and imaginary. I love it! I've seen many Cirque performances and all I left with was a program. Leave it to you to find something so fun. Maybe the device is a crystal tuner, giving the user the ability to tune into universal rays not available to the rest of us!

Marsha A. Moore said...

I normally think along that line between real and imaginary. It tends to drive my husband wacky!

I like your idea of a crystal tuner that encourages a supernatural power. That sounds so fun! Thanks lots, Heather.

Wendy said...

I think you should go to another performance of Le Cirque Du Soleil (what a lovely anniversay gift that was). I'm worried you will find the performers have lost their magic. They might move slower, swing lower and be less funny. In that case you might have to return this magic talisman.

If all is well, and you keep the crystal blaster, then learn the trapeze because I see you becoming the greatest trapeze artist in the history of the circus with the magic from this special find. Good luck and I envy you.

Marsha A. Moore said...

Cirque Du Soleil is in my future then! How wonderful! I'd love to join the troupe. :-) Thanks for your great ideas, Wendy.