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Monday, July 16, 2012

Magical Monday: A plant that housecleans, but at what price?

Another one of my antique store finds! Although I found it sitting on a dusty old washstand in the shop, it appeared to have been recently polished. I even asked the owner lady if it was a reproduction. She scoffed at me, clearly offended that I thought she sold new items.

She softened a bit when I purchased the item. On my way out the door, a creepy red glow shined in her eyes, and she said, “You’re in for a treat and will soon know why it’s so polished. I hate to part with that item and just put it out for sale today. Was sitting in my office for years. But, times are hard now.”

I placed it on my dining room buffet and forgot about it for a couple days while I cleaned other parts of the house, getting ready for guests. When I headed into that room, equipped with my dust cloths and vacuum, I found the room dust-free, table polished, carpet swept. I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I walked through the room, I noticed the new decoration—the stems of the golden flowers drooped a bit, and the flowers themselves looked swollen and enlarged. I turned it around, looking for clues about the odd change in appearance. I was suspicious if somehow the ornate plant had cleaned my room. Was it possible?

To find out, I moved it to the living room and watched. The flowers hung without change. I sat for several minutes, eyes riveted to the plant. Nothing. I couldn’t waste my day, so I decided to check back…like every five minutes. Still nothing. I left it alone in the room for longer periods, but listened from a position a few feet away from the door. Total silence. When I couldn’t bear the wait any longer, I checked. Now a beautiful flower arrangement with perky stems holding tightly closed blossoms sat in a dusty room. My checking and rechecking went on all evening and finally, I gave up and went to bed exhausted, nerves frazzled.

The next morning, before I even changed out of my nightgown, I raced to the living room—spotless! 

What had happened during the night? Should I trust that creepy shop owner? Magic usually comes with a price. I’m on pins and needles. I really like help cleaning the house, but…
What is your advice?

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Daniel said...

In my experience, the price of magic is usually closely-related to the benefit it delivers. I'd be wondering what eventually happens to the dirt that the plant collects for you. I'd also wonder about where it gets the energy it requires to do its work.

If it were me, I'd pay careful attention to other changes in the house over the next few days to see if it gives you some clues about these things.

I'd also closely monitor how you feel after moving the plant from one room to another. It could be getting the energy it needs from you!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Daniel, I agree. The price will be closely related to the benefit, and the plant is getting energy from somewhere. I'm with you, that the influx of dust probably isn't energizing it. Good points to think about! Thanks lots. :-)