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Monday, June 11, 2012

Magical Monday: New Magical Trees Powered by Electricity

News about this strange magical tree traveled over Facebook recently, eliciting many oohs and aahs. But, the image stuck with me and made me wonder what is the purpose of the tree’s magic. I’d like your help to decide.

This seems like a wonderful use of magic, enabling growth of a tree from the radiant heat or some other mystical energy given off from man-made electricity. If so, then there is hope once we deplete more of our resources to continue to renew Earth's atmospheric gases. This would be a great new way to extend our time as a species on this planet. OR, is this showing the takeover of plant life through use of some superior botanical magic, forcing humans out?

Another question—what is the scale? Is the tree normal size or the light bulb? If the bulb is to scale, then magical trees are very tiny. Does their magical power make smaller size more viable for a tree, perhaps allowing it to be less dependent upon photosynthesis? If so, magical trees are not much for providing shade. If this magical tree is to normal scale, then it requires a heck of light bulb or electrical source. With our energy demands already so great, providing more to power magical trees may be a hard sell to politicians who are usually not very magically minded.

What do you make of this amazing tree? Is this a helpful or dangerous use of magic? 

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