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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea Leaf Tales: Secretive Garden Tenants

After I spruced up my garden with carloads of new flowers last week, lots of wee folk have moved in. 
I’ll admit I was shopping for some new garden art, but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. But, keep that under your hat. By the looks of this encampment, I don’t think these new residents would enjoy being likened to garden statuary. 

Although they are very quiet tenants, they seem incredibly industrious. Somehow, probably while I slept, they arranged a fish pond for their scaly members, complete with a lily pad for a froggie. Through paths in my new sedum are roadways with cars and buses, taking wee folk from buildings to observe their new pond. 

I wonder most about the Steinhausen rock and hope that is the name of the town they’ve just founded. That suspicious look on Mr. Gnome’s face makes me wonder if he swiped it from the Steinhausen’s yard, wherever that may be. If you know Mr. or Mrs. Steinhausen, please give them my apologies.
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