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Monday, November 28, 2011

Magical Monday: Christmas Dolls for the Fantasy Lover to Make

 There are only a few holiday movies I really must see each year, The Grinch, since Dr. Seuss has been one of my heroes since I was five…and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. I adore Burton’s taste for the unusual. Both are fantasy-lovers’ dream worlds.

One of my hobbies is knitting and crocheting. I’ve done needle projects for decades and constantly look for interesting patterns and yarns. This year, I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon patterns for crocheted dolls of the main characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I really need to squeeze out some time to make these. I can’t decide which I like best or will make first.

Zero by Lizville

He is too cute! The pattern is available directly on Lizville’s website.

Jack Skellington by Sunshyne Leland
I like how Jack can be made poseable by inserting pipe cleaners into his I-cord legs and arms. After all, Jack doesn’t just hang around—he’s always up to something! This is the easiest pattern, and good thing since as the main character you may end up needing to make more than one for friends and family.

This pattern is available for free as a download through the Ravelry website—a free online community of needle crafters.

Patch Doll Amigurumi Pattern by Irene Strange

I love the detailing of her dress! This pattern is available as a free download on Irene Strange’s website

Description from her site:
She’s a rather tall girl, a whopping 12 inches in her tiny green shoes and socks when made with 4-ply wool and 2.5mm hook. But if you use a bigger hook size she can get even taller!
This pattern uses tables for all parts, with added diagrams and pictures to help along the way. There are also step by step photos detailing how to begin crochet, assemble the parts and finish the embroidery. You will mostly need basic stitches - although the embroidery and assembly may take a bit of time, it won’t take longer than a couple of evenings to do.

Which of these is your favorite? Now if I could only find a pattern to make a good Grinch. Can’t find one I like. Anyone have ideas?

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Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. She is the author of the novel, TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE, the first in a trilogy. Part two, TORTUGA TREASURE is contracted for release in January, 2012. Look for her first of an epic fantasy romance series, SEEKING A SCRIBE: ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS ONE, to be available early 2012.


Anonymous said...

Zero is so cute! Well, they all are. Thanks for pointing these out, Marsha!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Yes, he really is! Wishing I had time to make them all! Thanks for stopping by, Julianne.