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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interviewing fantasy Bertena Varney about her new book, Lure of the Vampire

Today, I have a fun guest--Bertena Varney. She and I had a good time with this interview, showcasing her new book, Lure of the Vampire. She gave some great answers. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you interviewing me today. I always love answering questions. A lot of times these spark ideas for more writing and possible essays for the possible next part of this book. 

The blurb of Lure of the Vampire indicates it includes personal essays about vampires from national and international vampire authors as well as yourself. The topics of those essays range from a personal look at vampires in mythology to the romantic lust filled vampire. What type(s) of vampires are your personal favorites? Which to you find least interesting?

I love the historical vampires, the ones that are still monsters but take place at a point in history or are from history like Henry from Blood Ties, Dracula, etc. I loved it when Vampire Diaries did the period pieces. It’s just so romantic and yet powerful and dangerous. Being a former history teacher it has my two favorite things- vampires and history. 

I love vampires who like being vampires. They embrace who they are and don’t apologize. They kick ass, get power from this, and have fun. Perfect example is Spike prior to Buffy’s emasculation of him.

I am also a product of the 80’s so any vampire movies from then- The Lost Boys being my favorite from there. Bad boys all the way!

And I love what I call traditional vampires like Dracula the scary types that can rip your heart out at any time but the blood isn’t everywhere like in 30 Days of Night. The scary parts are all in my mind.

I also love vampires that are magical. Anything supernatural is great!

My least favorite vampires are erotica books. I am not a big fan of anything sexually explicit in anything. I like books that leave things to the imagination and doesn’t’ just throw it in my face. I have friends who are erotic writers and they are great and I read them because they are great writers but it is my least favorite. I don’t want to rescue the man or they rescue me. I want an adventure.

I also don’t like really bad brooding vampires.  I hated Angel on Buffy and grew to love him- during different seasons. I liked when he had a mission but not when he was brooding a lot.

Your author bio tells you used your independent study choices in college to explore vampires in pop culture. From your reviews of Lure of the Vampire, being choked full of useful vampire information, you must have spent many years researching. Did this work begin during your college years?

Yes this has been an ongoing research project for almost the entire 20 years I was in college. Granted my last master’s was taken on a one class per semester basis so it’s not as bad as it

I began with Dracula, then collected papers because we didn’t have computers when I started college- well there was DOS but give me a break :-) so, I spent lots of time in the library going through old books and periodicals. The computer was my lifesaver and to be honest I lost so much research during moves from college dorm to here and to there that a lot of the early stuff was missing when I began to write the book. But, I spent almost a year researching professional and educational organizations the year before I asked for the vampire themed class. I knew I was going to need one more class and was hoping that if I had enough academically related articles and resources that a professor would take pity on me and she did. So during the course I researched and wrote and then for the next 2 years it was just research for the book exclusively. 

Don’t get me wrong it was fun. I actually love research more than writing.

When did you first become intrigued with vampires?

Honestly I think I was born with it. I know my first word was daddy or mommy but the ones that shocked my mom were witch and vampire at an early toddler age. If you knew how religious my family is then you would be shocked as they were! I must have seen something on television but back there were only three tv stations. Later I remember mom telling me that she caught me sneaking up out of bed and hiding behind the couch while my dad was watching the late night scary movies. She said I would just sit mesmerized at the television.
I think the most disturbing thing was when I found one of my elementary school friends and he asked me if I remembered being in second grade and making them play “Dracula” and me being mad because I couldn’t be the vampire because I was the only girl and I played Mina on the playground.

So, to answer you.. I really think I was born that way especially considering I was born with a vampire surname.

In creating this compendium, I’m sure you discovered trends in how vampires were represented in pop culture. Do you see any new trends emerging?

I think when I first started out really researching the romantic vampire was just being discovered. Now, I think that there is such an overwhelming amount of books on them that the scary monster will soon return to even out the pool of vampires.

I also have found that science fiction and steampunk are probably the two up and coming vampire trends. Denise Verrico is the author of the Immortyl Revolutions and she is a very popular science fiction vampire writer.

The Vampire Empire- a steam punk series is hitting it big. They have James Marsters, Spike from Buffy as the one doing the reading for their audio book. This is going ot be announced at Dragon Con. And if I recall you are going to be there so I hope that you can get the scoop for me and all the fans!

Thank you Marsha I really enjoyed this interview.  They were very fun and thought provoking questions.

So, what do your readers think of this? Please comment below.

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