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Monday, September 19, 2011

Interview with speculative fiction author--Jessica McHugh

I'm very happy to have Jessica McHugh return to my blog. She's a talented speculative fiction author, and is here answering my questions about her latest release, Song of Eidolons. 

Into what subgenre of speculative fiction would you place Song of Eidolons? Why?

I would categorize as slipstream fantasy. Much of “Song of Eidolons” could be considered literary fiction, but as the story progresses and Delaney yearns to discover why her grandfather has kept her hidden away from the rest of the world, the fantastic elements of “Song of Eidolons” emerge. 

You write from such a wide variety of speculative fiction subgenres, what elements of this particular book made it especially fun for you to write.

I loved the mystery surrounding Delaney's origins. Solving that mystery was my favorite experience of any book I've written so far.

Does your main character, Delaney, leave her grandfather’s house to follow her journey? What sort of world does she encounter on her path—the real world with paranormal elements or a high fantasy world, completely different from our own?

It takes a lot of convincing, but eventually Delaney does win freedom from her grandfather's house. All she wants is to live like everyone else with friends and school and romance, but the more she learns, the more she realizes she might not be like everyone else. It's the real world, but it has a fantasy underbelly.

Your main character is on a journey toward enlightenment. Can you describe this wondrous end she seeks?

Delaney is definitely someone who is looking for love: the kind of love she has idealized from poetry and fairy tales. Unfortunately, that kind of love isn't as easy for her to grasp as she'd thought, even when it's standing right in front of her.

Is this a stand alone title, or do you have a sequel planned?

It's a stand alone, at least for now. I've had several people ask me to write a sequel and I may one day, but I have a lot of other projects to complete before I even think about it. 

Delaney Lortal is a unique breed of girl. She is well spoken, extremely well read, and highly ambitious for love, but it is not those qualities that make her so unique. It's not even because in twenty-two years of life, she has never set foot outside of her grandfather's house. What makes her so unique is the truth behind a mysterious secret that has made her the target of a clandestine Order called the Orisanima. As wondrous as it is heartbreaking, Song of Eidolons follows Delaney's journey of enlightenment as she struggles to peel back the layers of deceit to discover the amazing truth about her origins.

Author Bio
Jessica McHugh is an author of speculative fiction that spans the genre from horror and alternate history to epic fantasy. A prolific writer, she has devoted herself to novels, short stories, novellas, and even playwriting. She has had nine books published in three years, including "Song of Eidolons", "The Sky: The World" and the first three installments in her "Tales of Dominhydor" series.
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