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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Which social media do you open first?

(I almost added “in the morning” to the above question, but I may have a few readers outside the publishing world who do not network while they do most everything else.) 

I confess to being a Tweet-aholic! Virtually every morning I open my Tweetdeck, followed by two email accounts, Facebook, then peek at a handful of Yahoo loops, Linked In, Ning groups, and Goodreads groups. I can’t say when it happened, but somewhere in the past year I found, for the time I had available, the short reads of Twitter give me many more connections, more instruction, more helpful information, and more breaking news. An important plus over FB is that with fewer graphics, it feeds faster. Shorter posts allow me to read more and scroll less. Time efficient. Also, the concise 140 characters, which once frustrated me, keeps my mind from being as cluttered with excess baggage. If I want to know more, I can choose whether to click on the available link.

Recently I’ve discovered a terrific new organizational tool which makes my link surfing, from any media source, even easier. I always run onto a couple great blog posts I want to spend more time with on the one or two days each week I dedicate more time to social media. allows me to save the link with one click. Simply sign up for a free account and drag the “Read Later” icon into your bookmarks. When you come onto that post to save, click on the “Read Later” in your favorites. One click—really that easy. also offers the ability to create files to sort those links.

Some people enjoy networking more than others. But, if we intend to get other things done, devices that make networking quicker are a plus. If my Tweetdeck doesn’t operate, it’s not a good day. Being able to use one screen to glance across the last few minutes to hour of posts in a dozen friend categories or key word searches is something FB cannot match.

Do you use any apps of services that speed your networking? Please share.

And…which social media do you open first (in the morning)?


Rachel Firasek said...

Marsha, I so needed that link. I can't read everything all the time, but I'd love to be able to go back! Thanks for sharing.

Pat McDermott said...

Marsha, I vary the routine of checking loops, Facebook, and news every day. I don't do Twitter, at least not yet, and maybe never if it's that addictive! :-) I'm going to check out Instapaper. So many blogs, so little time! Thanks for sharing the link.

Marsha A. Moore said...

Once I found Instapaper, I use it daily. One click simple really impresses me.

Thanks for visiting, Rachel and Pat.

Anonymous said...

Twitter never really gets closed. I think I'm guilty of leaving my TweetDeck open no matter what! It's like my third lung.

When I got hooked on Twitter, I stopped reading blogs. Mostly because I never found a good way to track blogs that I liked and it took too much time to go manually check all the sites. I recently found FeedDemon which fits my blog reading needs. Not only can you see a blog in a normal "feed" b&w view, but you can opt to view the webpage in the desktop program. It's freeware and uber cool!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Cidtyer, my Tweetdeck is always open too. Only when I am struggling to concentrate on my writing does it get closed.

I'll look into FeedDemon. Thanks for the tip!

Andycea said...

Not hook on Twitter yet, still trying to figure it out. Just started with Tweetdeck to try and manage my social media, but I love reading blogs so Instapaper and/or FeedDemon will help me keep track of the ones I want to take time to read. Thanks

Julianne said...

Blogger and email loops. I do, and seem to get more out of, those two way more than I use twitter or Facebook. Facebook I do use to keep in touch with my family and that and Twitter for my articles.

Marsha A. Moore said...

I'm very careful with email loops. Those eat up my time because I have so many.

Thanks for stopping in, Julianne.