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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm welcoming author Bitten2ice on her tour with Blood Moon

Today, I'm welcoming author Bitten2ice, talking about her new release, Blood Moon. 

Who am I? 

If I told you my real name you might find me very ordinary. You'd file me away perhaps without a second thought or worse yet lose the ability to recollect my name should we cross paths again.  

How do I maintain a level of mysteriousness with you? Provoke an inquiry, sustain a conversation, and ask you to remember my name if I do not give you reason to be curious?
You have but to know an object by its proper name for it to lose its dangerous magic. ~Elias Canetti  
A beautiful quote by a famous mind that describes my sentiments on the name I share with you now: Bitten Twice.  

Behind the name I am quite ordinary yet never boring, so I am told. We all want to be unique, special even; and still in my family my name appears to be very common and reoccurring very often in a few variations. My real name is so short with letters that repeat in the first and surname that while I answer to it and love it on others, I’m not too partial to it. As a matter of fact in High School, I recall being asked to give my real name when a substitute was filling in for a teacher. Perhaps my real name is just as unbelievable as the one I offer to you now? So I redefined myself with a name, distinguishing my writing half from the societal normalcy of who I am expected to be. No I don’t have a split personality; I just like my day job.  

I am a single mother of two, who is courageously in love with one man, and together as one family we care for two dogs. Within my lifetime If you believe that there are six continents I can then say that I have lived on two; if you believe there are seven I’ll have to admit to being on three. Digressing - it is said that a man without a compass has a tendency to walk in circles. This seems to be the case for my life which began in South America, traipsed into Europe, and although it is not over I am currently in North America loving life in sunny South Florida.  

I first fell in love with the mysteriousness of the vampire. From the depths of the shadows the lore drew me in. The pull of the moon shed light on the werewolf. I have always been fascinated with the lunar phases, but found the werewolf to be so extreme. In many cases the werewolf is often depicted as irrational and incapable of logical thought. As with vampires, I had to believe that even werewolves must have an alternate side. A demon according to the bible is child of an angel and a mortal. It seems they should have a chance too? Don’t we all visit the idea of whether we take after our mothers or our fathers? I love the idea of blending worlds, planes, and religions. The latter being a subject that I can converse on for eons, I’ll break it down into two statements.  
 1. One Love 
 2. I believe everyone has a path that is defined by individual choices
Ooh, how did the conversation get so serious? My second point is reflected in my characters. How do you define good vs. evil? A demon may not be who she seems but then again neither may the angel. 

I began writing since I was able to grip a crayon. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to musical instruments and the arts which sparked my creativity. In my childhood I never really finished any of the writing that I started, reading remained an intense passion. I could often be found buried under a pile of books reading my way out.  

During the writer’s strike of 2007, while I was missing my then favorite TV shows Blood Ties and Moonlight, I picked my laptop in earnest. The concept of Alexander Macedo was formed and in just a couple of months I had tapped out a novel. I don’t remember sleeping much, but I never felt so satisfied in my life. I wrote several short stories and another full length novel. Around 2009 I began to wonder how many I would write and what I would do with them. I didn’t put my rear in gear until my father passed at the end of 2009. With my compass in hand, I charted my course to where I wanted to be. The manuscripts went to the editor and all is a blur from that point on.  

Having unraveled some of the mystery of who I am, I’d love to get to know more about you.

Book Summary:
Hiding his private life in the public eye, vampire Alexander Macedo, goes to hell and back in a race against time to save the one woman he would die again for and the other he could spend an eternity with. A rogue vampire threatens the balance of power. Bred for strategy but torn between his want for love and his need for companionship, Alex battles to save all he holds dear.

Alex smiled, now he had her in his eyes she was as good as in his grasp.
“Good evening beautiful.” Alex said licking his lips as an eyetooth elongated, and his eyes roved over her body undressing her with his mind. I am going to enjoy every single moment of tasting you. I can feel your blood moving beneath your skin, taste your sweat on the air, and feel your heart beat waiting for my mouth. “Come to me,” he said, “Submit to me.”

“I’ve missed you Xander,” the Brunette murmured as she left her friends and made her way closer to him. “It’s been a long time.” She ran her fingers up his blood red silk shirt, finding his exposed olive-skin where the top two buttons were undone.

Alex could see she was pleased to find his firm chest as she ran her fingers down familiar territory. They paused over his well-muscled abdomen. She leaned into him, trying to seduce him with her body, pressing against him as she sought to kiss him. Her hand rose to his chiseled jaw. He was a handsome man, and something about him bordered on beautiful.

“Let me make amends,” he said, his words just as suggestive as he led her up the stairs and over to a secluded corner on the terrace. Her attempts at seduction were not ignored.

Her heartbeat quickened as he kissed her and traced her jaw-line, caressing her copper skin with his hands. As he made love to her mentally, he smiled when the scent of her moistening reached his nostrils. His liquid grey eyes deepened to titanium before his hunger consumed all, and his eyes were swallowed by the darkness within.

His fangs dropped enough to feed as he gave into his primordial urges. With her heart pumping, her blood flowed into his mouth laden with the sweet passion of lust.

The memories and wants flashed through every pump of her heartbeat; her desire to be loved, the laughter of her daughter, and abusive ex-boyfriend. If there were a secret, one bite would tell all.


Bitten Twice said...

Thank you so much Marsha for having me as a guest on your blog.

Donna Anderson said...

Hello, Bitten Twice,

I have to admit I haven't read your book yet. I just heard about it a couple of days ago and haven't tracked it down yet. But I love a good vampire tale and I'm looking forward to a good read this weekend.

I do have a question for you though. I'm a ghostwriter and I write non-fiction books for people all day long. I've often thought about trying to write my own novel but I always quit after the first 2 or 3 thousand words because it just never sounds right to me.

How many 'starts' did you have to make when you first decided to write a novel? Or did you just start writing and keep at it until you were done and then go back and edit?

By the way, I love the unique pen name!


Marsha A. Moore said...

Glad to have you visiting me today, Bitten Twice. Love your cover art!

Bitten Twice said...

Hi Donna,

With "A Blood Moon" it was love at first type. I jumped in and just let the story unroll. I didn't worry so much at the time about some of the logistics. I had a makeshift outline and knew where I wanted the story to go. I had to keep adjusting the outline when the story took me places that I didn't expect.

After the story reached a point that I would call finished, I put it down for a while. When I came back to it there were areas that I wanted to change. It was much easier moving things around after the fact than trying to do it while the voices were still ranting and raving in my head. :-)

I will say that I'm pretty funny about my story-line also. I got to about 43K words for "As Blood Rages" (targeted for June 2011) and I did a rewrite because my voices got into an argument. I didn't 'throw' anything out though. After I restructured and redefined the story, the voices and my fingers were able to resume their relationship.

Stay the course. Perhaps finding a tool that works for your style may help. Sometimes outlines work as gentle guidelines... or fuel the ideas by walking through a city if you have a city in your world.

Best wishes on your pending novel.
Kind Regards

Bitten Twice said...

Thank you Marsha. I love my graphic designer. She's been amazing for me.

Bertena Varney said...

Thanks Marsha for hosting this blog tour. We at Mystical Book Blog Tours really appreciate it.

@ Donna- welcome to your first book blog tour.. hope that you enjoy it.
I must say I have read your writing on and love it. I too am struggling with my book and have quit several times. I simply promise to do a few pages/sections/words per day... and have been trying to do them.

@ BittenTwice- hope you are having fun!

Bitten Twice said...

Hi Bertena,

I can't believe we are only at Day2. I'm loving the tour.

The ability to talk to people and answer any questions is priceless. To top it all of, I am having so much fun touring the sites as well.

You and your company has done an excellent job putting this tour together. Thanks bunches.

N. R. Williams said...

Nice to meet you Bit...I can see by your post that you have a strong and unique voice. Your book sounds like one I should read, and I will.

Hi Marsha.
I have an award for you on my blog.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Bitten Twice said...

Nice to meet you also N.R.
Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to your feedback.


Bertena Varney said...

Hi everyone! Please Follow Marsha's bog and also comment here.. and you can tweet and share on facebook as well