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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review of Son of Ereubus by JS Chancellor

In her debut novel, Son of Ereubus, the first in a three-book series called Guardians of Legend, author JS Chancellor draws the reader into a complex character triangle. While certainly rich with world building, appropriate for a well-written epic fantasy, the masterful interweaving of the three main characters is clearly the strength of her writing. The author allows the reader to view the growing internal conflicts experienced by each, shifting point-of-view with skill to great effect.

Their voices are distinct and expressive. Ariana, the female protagonist, shows gritty courage and sharp wit.  She is raised in Palingard, the last human stronghold not completely annihilated by the Ereubinians. When her village does eventually fall, she has no path other than to begin a journey, her destiny which will affect change in the three known worlds – Adorian, human, and Ereubinian. Her brother, Michael, leader of Adoria, struggles to uphold traditional roles of his people as protectors of humans against the dark, magical enslavement by the Ereubinians. Concerns for his race, the humans, and for his sister weigh heavily. The High Lord of the Ereubinians, Garren, is the embodiment of evil with his disregard for all life. Yet, he too meets change which challenges his value system. The beauty of this novel is watching how these three characters transform as old beliefs of good and evil shift beneath them.

As an epic fantasy, Son of Ereubus is wonderfully complex. Many scenes are memorable, lush with imagery. Ariana travels through ravines formed from winding tree roots, strung with clinging moss and flowers. An ancient temple appears before her, inviting her within. Ornate with tapestries and a reflecting pool, it disappears to ruins in front of her eyes. The golden spiral of stolen souls bursts forth around Garren as he conducts the ceremony of soul-taking with his superiors. He and Ariana repeatedly connect in an exquisite dream life, experiencing both attraction and horror, beautifully written between illusion and reality. 

Son of Ereubus itself evolves into a play between illusion and reality as the definitions of good and evil are challenged. 

Son of Ereubus: Guardians of Legend, Book One
J.S. Chancellor
ISBN: 978-0982743744


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Marsha, I'm touched by such a beautiful review!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Great review!!! I'm reading this right now. :)

Rhemalda Publishing said...

Stunningly said!

AJ said...

I couldn't have said it better myself ... wonderful review!