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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kat Holmes’ Newest Book in the Gods At Work series, Heart of the Queen, is now available

Heart Of The Queen is now available from Red Rose Publishing. This menage is truly a story blessed by the Gods. Here’s a brief excerpt: 

Heather’s intercom crackled and Iris’ voice came on. “You’re new client is here with a couple of gentlemen.”

“Very well, send them in,” Heather said. She stood up and straightened her blouse as the door opened and Iris led in a woman and two men. Heather sucked in her breath at the sight of the men. Saying they were handsome was an understatement. The first man was tall with ice blond hair and a smile on his face. He reminded Heather of Hermes in both appearance and temperament.

While the first man seemed congenial, the second seemed dark and dangerous. His hair was the color of midnight and his eyes as dark as coal. He had a small scar on his chin that leant him a somewhat brutal edge. While the first man was tall, this man was a tower. Though both men were lean, Heather could see each possessed muscles that reminded her of steel. They both had work-roughened hands that made her shiver at the thought of how’d they feel rubbing her skin. Heather looked over at the woman and frowned. Something about her seemed very familiar.

She was obviously far into her pregnancy, seven months at least. She had the same coloring as the darker man, though her eyes were chocolate brown. She’d seen this woman before but she just couldn’t place her. It was a puzzle for another time. Right now, she and this woman had business to attend to.

Heart Of The Queen, book 2 in my Gods At Work series is tale of a Goddess afraid to love and two men who are determined to prove that they were made for her.

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