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Monday, June 28, 2010

Creative Liar Award Answers

A couple weeks ago, I was given the Creative Liar Award. In order to accept that award, I was asked to create a challenge for my readers, to pick the one false statement about me from a list of truths. Here is the original list:

1. My publisher is an energetic Greek lady who never takes days off, but finds time to laugh with her authors.
2. My real name is Karma Samten Choedron.
3. I passed the national dental boards while studying at OSU to be a dentist.
4. My first book, Tears on a Tranquil Lake, will be released February 1st, 2011 from MuseItHot Publishing.
5. My real name is Marsha A. Moore.
6. I create watercolor paintings.
7. My favorite NFL team is the Colts.
# 5 is untrue. That is my real first name combined with my mother’s maiden name.
The rest of the statements are all true, I swear!

While on the topic of names, #2 is actually true. Many readers guessed that one, but Karma Samten Choedron is my real Tibetan Buddhist name. I diligently studied that faith for a couple years at the Ann Arbor Karma Thegsum Choling, following the Karma Kagyu tradition. As a step along my path, I took refuge, which is similar to baptism. Khenpo Ugyen Tensin, a lama from Tibet in charge of the group, bestowed me with that name. It means “activity of concentration and dharma light.” My faith does find ways into my writing. The plot of my current work, Illusions of Intimacy, hinges on the concept of reincarnation. All experiences in life help a writer.

Although, I have yet to write a plot involving dentistry. About #3 -- I did study to be a dentist at The Ohio State University. I graduated from college with a degree in biology, which meant more college to have a job skill. I studied dentistry for 3 ½ years and passed the National Dental Boards, a week-long battery of tests which were the hardest I ever faced in my long college career. I did very well, but my heart wasn’t in that path. I loved biology and chose to teach it to high school students for the next seventeen years. That experience is useful in my writing. It was a snap to describe the workings of a coral reef in my upcoming book, Tears on a Tranquil Lake. I did feel a bit sorry for my editor, keeping up with knowledge of unusual sea dwellers like nudibranchs!

Football (#7) hasn’t found a way into my writing yet, but I do love the Indianapolis Colts. Born in Terre Haute, I’m a Hoosier. Only seeing Louisiana suffering the horrors of the oil spill do I feel alright with their last superbowl win.

I probably won’t even care about the coming superbowl. I’ll be knee deep in promoting my new book, Tears on a Tranquil Lake. It is releasing next February 1st from MuseItHot Publishing. My publisher, Lea Schizas, is busy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and is the dearest lady you’d wish to know. (#1 & #4)

To help promote that release, I am creating a couple illustrations in watercolor. About #6 -- I’ve painted since high school. For a while I attempted art sales, showing my works in summer art fairs and galleries in the Toledo, Ohio area. The business of selling took away the pleasure, so now I’m content to paint for myself and family. A couple of my paintings are in this blog on my About Me page, and I will certainly share the new illustrations here soon!

I hope you enjoyed this challenge. I think I deserved the liar award, since no one selected the correct choice!



Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

I got it right. This is a great post. I learned some interesting things about you. Tibetan, huh?