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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Solstice Scavenger Hunt

Happy Solstice!

FSF Readers Lounge Presents its first ever Solstice Scavenger Hunt. 

Running from June 16th to June 29th,19 authors joined forces to offer readers a chance at $75 cash via PayPal and 19 eBooks as a Grand Prize! 38 secondary prizes (an eBook from one of our participating authors) will be given to randomly chosen participants with the correct answer. 

To Play:
To play for a chance to win you must go to each of the authors sites listed below, collect the "hidden" word(s), unscramble them to reveal the popular fantasy quote, and then enter to win! Enter the Rafflecopter Here

Entering does not enter you into anything! You have the option to choose who to subscribe to and who to follow - the only requirements are:
 1) you must follow the Facebook page for the Readers Lounge in order to get the winners announcement and
2) use the link to enter the giveaway, but I hope you choose to follow the wonderful authors participating in this hunt!

Make sure to visit all the sites to gather all your words! Happy Hunting!

The Prizes:

$75 Cash via PayPal

eBooks up for prizes:

A Bit of Magic
Curse Breaker: Enchanted
Dragon Blood
Elven Jewel
Forever People
Ian's Realm Saga
Schrodinger's Cat
Shadow's Hand
Sleepless Flame
The Fox and The Hunter
The Glass Gargoyle
The Hand of Atua
The Shikari
This Cursed Flame
Witch's Moonstone Locket
Wolves' Gambit 

About my book prize, Witch's Moonstone Locket:

A local witch might have the griever’s moonstone locket, which allows the wearer to talk with the dead. Determined to find that locket, Jancie goes to the coven’s annual carnival. This opposes her father’s strict rule—STAY AWAY FROM WITCHES! 
Twenty-three-year-old Jancie Sadler was out of the room when her mother died, and her heart still longs for their lost goodbye. Aching to ease her sorrow, Aunt Starla gives Jancie a diary that changes her entire life. In entries from the 1930s, her great grandmother revealed how she coped with her own painful loss by seeking out a witch from nearby Coon Hollow Coven. The witch wore the griever’s moonstone locket, which allowed whoever could unlock its enchantment to talk with the dead.
Determined to find that locket, Jancie goes to the coven’s annual carnival held in her small southern Indiana town of Bentbone. This opposes her father’s strict rule: stay away from witches. But she’s an adult now and can make her own decisions. She meets Rowe McCoy, the kind and handsome witch who wears the moonstone. He agrees to let her try to open the locket, but they’re opposed by High Priestess Adara and her jealous desire to possess him. Desperate for closure with her mother, Jancie persists and cannot turn away from a perilous path filled with magic, romance, and danger.
Witch’s Moonstone Locket is a stand-alone book in the Coon Hollow Coven Tales series. If you enjoy mystic adventures and have ever wanted to speak to the dead, then you’ll love Marsha A. Moore’s quest for the elusive gemstone.

Available for purchase at Amazon.

The mystery keyword from Marsha is:

Remember to visit all 19 author sites to collect all keywords. Once you unscramble the popular fantasy quote, enter it in the Rafflecopter here.


site links:

Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. 

JOIN MARSHA'S MAILING LIST and receive a free copy of her paranormal romance story RULER OF THE NIGHT.

Read Marsha's COON HOLLOW TALES of paranormal romance and her ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS for adventurous epic fantasy romance. For a FREE ebook download, read her historic fantasy, LE CIRQUE DE MAGIE, available at Amazon and Smashwords.


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