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Monday, November 23, 2009

Voices of My Angel

This is another story inspired by a trip to the beach.  My troubles were swept away.


Chased by demons, I rode like the wind. Yet, my assailants kept pace, whirling about me in a frenzy. Their laughter cackled in my ears. Clawing at my shoulders with their icy fingers, a chill gripped my chest, as they reached for my heart. Adrenaline surged from my fear, powering my legs. I heard their calls at my back, like songs of sirens, tempting me to slow. My strength must hold.

Upon rounding a bend, gentle salt air caught my nostrils. Inhaling, my lungs puffed full. From the brush, snowy egrets now bowed their long necks to me. I was honored and awed they would pay respect to me, a lowly human whose karma lured bogies. And then I understood – my angel was before me. It had been so long. My heart leapt. I felt his love encircle me, drawing forth my own magic. Looking back, the furies had abated, replaced by butterflies fluttering along either side of my bicycle. Their essences tickled me. Magic abounded – as sea oats danced with the breeze, with whispers upon wisps of clouds, from squeals of laughter where children played on the beach. Shells glistened like gems at the surf's edge. The tide boomed a reassurance of the magic in my angel's soul . . . I smiled and dreamed to see it in his eyes.