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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Illusions of Intimacy, Chapter One: Timeless Love

From my novel, in progress . . .

You are always near. Your presence known through whispers riding upon gentle breezes, which lift strands of my hair, or in gusts whipping past, ravaging my body, or in the shivers along my spine from the howl of a solitary wolf. You are there in the crash of lightning bolts, cutting the night sky, in the gleam of a pearl's lustre, or with the inspiration of a familiar scent.

Images of you linger on my mind for hours, months, centuries - timeless.

Our adventures have no beginning, no end. We share lust and love, anguish and joy, separation and unity . . . all are blissful. You know me better than any man, and for that singular reason I am your love.

You belong to no generation, no era, but you belong to me – always.



Megan said...


I found you through Facebook and your story sounds amazing...I can't wait to continue it :) I'm just breaking into the Fantasy genre and could use some pointers if you have any. My biggest challenge is turning out to be breaking out of the real world box I'm currently closed in. Without sounding cheesy, of course, lol.

Just wanted to stop and say hi! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Marsha A. Moore said...

Hi Megan! Thanks for your kind comments. I love to write fantasy. The freedom to create whatever you can imagine is wonderful. Good luck to you!