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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Seeking the Witch--a new course offered by the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic

I am so excited about this upcoming online, 6-week course, "Seeking the Witch," offered by the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic. The class will be taught by Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman who both earned PhDs in English and Folklore from The Ohio State University.
Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of taking several courses with Sara and Brittany, the amazing "fairy-witch doctors." Each course has been spectacular. I didn't hesitate to enroll in this new offering. Didn't even stop to consider if my schedule would allow the time. They are that good!
Enrollment is open until the close of Walpurgis Nacht--midnight April 30th, 2019! And the very next day, with the energy of Beltaine, could not be a better time for them to begin our search for the many faces of the witch.

And as a special treat, they just this week announced a guest lecturer who will contribute and she is absolutely dazzling--Jenna Jorgensen! Yes, I'm even more excited!

Here's some info from the Carterhaugh School website:
"Jenna Jorgensen studied folklore at the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to earn her PhD in folklore from Indiana University. She researches gender and sexuality in fairy tales and fairy-tale retellings, folk narrative more generally, body art, dance, sex education, and feminist/queer theory. While most of her time goes to teaching college courses and publishing research on the above, she has recently returned to writing fiction and poetry. Her poetry has appeared at Strange Horizons, Liminality, Wyrd & Wyse, Glittership, Stone Telling, Enchanted Conversation, and Mirror Dance. She blogs at Patheos and is constantly on Twitter."

And about the upcoming course:
"Seeking the Witch: Traditional Tales and Everyday Magic." Blending traditional legends, fairy tales, historical materials, poetry, personal narratives, and prompts for your own creative projects, this course invites you to explore the beguiling figure of the witch.
She gathers lavender and thyme, hangs them in bundles in her windows. She wears shredded black silk or neat houndstooth suits or jeans with quiet confidence and a wicked smile. She lives on the margins, in cottages at the forest’s edge, in tiny apartments papered with Morris vines. She beguiles, she enchants, and she makes your life pulse and sparkle when you need her most.

The witch is a polarizing figure, inspiring fear, fascination, and curiosity with the invocation of her name. At the heart of these responses is the simple recognition of her power: she represents freedom from everyday rules and knowledge of the forbidden. She (or he or they!) is loved and hated, a shadowy presence on the margins of society, and yet she also possesses the ability to hold communities together, to speak to those of us who long for something more."

What you get during the course:
  1. Video content for each lesson from Sara and Brittany (at least 45 minutes of material!) These will be pre-recorded and released each Wednesday of the course.
  2. A ‘Further Reading’ PDF.
  3. A PDF “grimoire page” summary of each lesson evoking pages torn from an old spell book (click here for more information about these!)
  4. All supplementary reading for each lesson (in PDF or link form.)
  5. Access to our private Facebook group for the course, where you can interact with fellow students, ask questions, share fun things, and generally get to know Sara, Brittany, and each other. You guys are our people and we want to get to know you! We will post discussion questions and other fun stuff here as well!
  6. A Creative Quest to go with each lesson, which you can post in the group to get personal feedback on from both your teachers and your fellow fairy-tale loving classmates (if desired.)
  7. Personal feedback on one completed final project (if desired.)
  8. A special course completion certificate upon submission of your final project
  9. A welcome letter and various course e-mails
  10. A few surprises, including guest lectures, live videos, and more!
Plus ALL of the downloadable material will be yours to keep for personal use!
If this interests you, find out more at The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and Fantastic.
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