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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Chronicle of Chaos----an epic fantasy by D. M. Cain

I'm pleased to have guest author D. M. Cain here today sharing about her new epic fantasy release, A Chronicle of Chaos.

by D.M. Cain

This week I’ll be releasing my new novel – the first in a young adult fantasy series. ‘A Chronicle of Chaos’ features epic battles between angels and demons, warriors with incredible powers, and a war that has raged for centuries. It also has a love story between two people of vastly different backgrounds who aren’t sure whether to love or kill each other... and they’re both men.

So this will be classified as ‘gay fiction’, right? Wrong. This book is definitely not ‘gay fiction’ because I don’t believe the genre exists. There are romance novels where the main characters are men. Is this gay fiction? No, it’s romance. Is Doctor Who a gay drama because Madame Vastra and Jenny are married? No, it’s science fiction.

My book is a dark, epic fantasy in the same way that Lord of the Rings is. At the centre of the plot is a love story between two dislikeable characters – the fact they’re both the same gender should be absolutely irrelevant. It wasn’t written for shock value. I never intended to break any boundaries – because there shouldn’t be any boundaries there to break.

George R.R. Martin is paving the way for homosexuality to be accepted in the fantasy genre. It’s normal in his world, and it should be normal in ours, but the sad truth is that same-sex relationships are vastly under-represented in fantasy.

The concern for some readers is that if a book is labelled as merely ‘fantasy’, it may offend those who did not expect to read about homosexuality within the pages, so they should be ‘warned’ beforehand.

How ludicrous. The book is fantasy through and through and, if you buy it, you’ll get everything you get from any other fantasy book – powerful magic, epic battles, long journeys and apocalyptic showdowns. You’ll also get a powerful heart-wrenching story of love and hate, passion and prejudice. If the fact it’s two men bothers you, you’re more than welcome to put it down. But in an ideal world, people will start it as a fantasy book and finish it as a fantasy book.

So, this week I will be releasing my epic fantasy novel. I am certainly not releasing a work of ‘gay fiction.’

About the Book:

Title: A Chronicle of Chaos

Author: D.M. Cain
Genre: Fantasy

“The new book in DM Cain’s epic Light and Shadow fantasy series certainly plunges us in at the deep end. The heart of this book—its true essence—is prejudice and love, persistence, and stubbornness.” Stewart Bint, author of In Shadows Waiting and Timeshaft. A brutal war has raged for centuries. The Brotherhood of Shadow and The Children of Light each yearn to rule the planet and will stop at nothing to defeat the other. Now, from the deepest bowels of Hell, the Brotherhood has summoned demons to fight for them. The demons could end the war once and for all, if only the Brotherhood can keep them under control. Prophecy, destiny, honour, and glory: Chaos, a soldier in The Children of Light, fights in the name of all these things and could achieve them if he wasn’t so arrogant. He believes he is the best warrior in the land, until a fateful coincidence puts him at the mercy of the demon, Anathema. The two warriors, demon and human, strike up an intense rivalry, but their obsession to destroy one another only leads them closer together. When the forces of Heaven and Hell collide, where will their loyalties lie?

Author Bio:

D.M. Cain is a dystopian and fantasy author working for US publisher Booktrope. She has released three novels: The Phoenix Project - a psychological thriller set in a dystopian future, Soren – a middle-grade fantasy, and A Chronicle of Chaos – the first in a dark fantasy series. She is currently working on the next novel in the series, 'The Shield of Soren', and a novella to accompany it.

D.M. Cain is also a member of the International Thriller Writers and is one of the creators and administrators of the online author group #Awethors. Her short story ‘The End’ was published in Awethology Dark – an anthology by the #Awethors.

Cain lives in Leicestershire, UK, with her husband and young son, and spends her time reading, writing and reviewing books, playing RPGs and listening to symphonic metal.


Twitter: @DMCain84

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