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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Disciple Series is now complete! Interview with L. Blankenship about her new release, Disciple VI

Today, I'm so pleased to have L. Blankenship return and share with my readers about her new release, Disciple VI, the end to her fantastic Disciple Series.

If Kate, the crown prince, and the knight had not changed the path of the war, what might have happened to the kingdom?

If the three of them hadn't been there to play their parts, the kingdom would have suffered far worse and more quickly. The saints recognized the talents in each of them and arranged for them to meet each other precisely because they were all needed to help defend the kingdom – things got complicated from there, though.

What tasks will Kate be able to perform as an elect?

“Elect” is a far-ranging role. Kate is her saint's right hand, so in the case of going to war she's expected to do whatever is needed in support of the cause and the kingdom. She was trained as a healer, originally, but she's moved beyond that. Over the winter, the saints kept her busy training for battle – as a peasant girl, she never dreamed she'd need that.

What are some of the ways Kate has grown through the course of this series?

Kate started out good-hearted but uncertain and easily bossed around. The secret mission in Part I started the work of toughening her up and building her confidence, and her increasing responsibilities have kept upping the ante throughout the series. The stakes have risen as well. She's taken some hard knocks along the way, but she hasn't given up.

Which of those do you think Kate would be most proud of? Which elements of her growth are you, as the author, most pleased with in realizing her development?

Kate's too overwhelmed at this point to think in terms of being proud of her accomplishments. The impending war and having to face the cause of her heartbreak is dominating her life. Personally, I respect her determination and how tough she's become since the start of Part I. She was something of a lesson to me, in that.

How do you feel about ending the series? Happy, accomplished, relieved, sad, bittersweet?

Back when I finished writing Disciple, there were lots of mental high-fives and hugs with the characters...and then we all went home and collapsed into bed, so to speak. There was a good deal of relief that it was over. We all needed a break from each other!

What writing project will be next for you?

I've written a few novels/novellas in the meantime – it's actually been a couple years since I finished Disciple. My current WIP is an urban fantasy medical drama. When I finish that, I think it's time to start polishing the three hard sci fi stories that have been waiting very patiently for attention. Hopefully there will be announcements on my blog soon!

War is coming. Kate Carpenter is only a peasant girl, but she’s determined to help defend the kingdom and its bound saints against the invading empire. Her healing magic earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the master healer; now she must prove herself ready to stand in the front lines and save lives.

She’s not ready for the attentions of a ne’er-do-well knight and the kingdom’s only prince, though. This is no time to be distracted by romance — the empire’s monstrous army will tear through anyone standing between them and the kingdom’s magical founts. All disciples must put aside their tangled feelings and stand in the homeland’s defense.

the six-part gritty fantasy romance series is now complete!

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