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Monday, September 10, 2012

Magical Monday: What’s inside the black leather case?

The holes in the metal look like they accommodate fingers while the top bar would secure the hold, fitting snuggly into the palm. This would allow a magical being to wield something fearsome from those knuckles. I imagine that the leather is a protective case since it seems to be held in place by snaps. I’m almost afraid to wonder what might be inside…spikes protruding from each knuckle with points so sharp they must be kept covered for safety reasons when not in use…OR demons embedded within the steel form so horrible they must be contained…OR magic crystals that must be protected from contact with light since they will instantly activate deadly charms.

My imagination could keep running, but I would sure be surprised if something pink and fluffy peeked out from under the black housing.

What do you think is underneath the black case? Is it wicked or delightful?

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laura.crean said...

Wow! Well the handle looks like knuckle dusters, so I'm betting it's a strong lady, a very strong lady! LOL Maybe a spy hehehe. Could have a gun in there, some Top Secrets Documents, bright red lippy, some cool spy phone with lots of upgrades and maybe some mace!? LOL
Xx Laura Crean xX

Marsha A. Moore said...

I love your ideas, Laura! Like a cosmetic case for a lady spy, lipstick to guns. Thanks!