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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview with Meredith Allard about her new release Her Loving Husband's Curse

I'm very pleased to have Meredith Allard return to talk about her second book, Her Loving Husband's Curse, from The Loving Husband Trilogy. I fell in love with the premise of her series with book one, and have come to truly respect her as an author and am grateful to call her my friend. Please join me in welcoming her today.

In Her Loving Husband’s Curse, Sarah and James Wentworth experience past lives from hundreds of years before. Do these previous lives come to them in dreams or during awake states? Are their remembrances always painful or are they sometimes pleasant?

For Sarah, she has these dreams that keep annoying her. Every night she is awakened by frightening scenes about people being arrested and jailed. She dreams about people dying. But she also has dreams that are very pleasant because she dreams about a man who loves her with all of his heart. She isn’t sure what the dreams are or what they mean. She only knows they’re persistent and often scary. Part of her journey is to discover what the dreams are trying to tell her. After the meanings behind her dreams become clear, she remembers the past while she is awake.

James, being a vampire, remembers the past all too well. He remembers being in Salem during the witch trials in 1692. He remembers walking hundreds of miles with the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears in the 1830s. For James, it isn’t a past life as much as one very long life. So James is very much awake when he recalls the past.

What is motivating reporter Kenneth Hempel to prove that the undead walk the Earth? What will he gain from this find?

In the beginning, Hempel is simply an annoying little man who seems to know more about James than James finds comfortable. As the story progresses, Hempel becomes more and more aggressive in his manner. At times, he seems to be stalking James. It turns out, Hempel has had a personal experience with a vampire when he was a teenager, and not a pleasant one. Since then, he’s made it his life mission to prove to the world that vampires exist. His main motivation is to prove he’s not insane (as his mother thought) by showing that vampires are real. If he succeeds, he’ll gain vindication (See, Mom, I wasn’t crazy), and he’ll gain notoriety as a reporter for the Salem News. As James says, Hempel could even win a Pulitzer Prize for being the one to uncover such an amazing story.

What harm can come to Sarah and James if the reporter is successful? Will one of the couple, Sarah or James, face more serious consequences and why? Could there possibly be any benefits for the couple?

If Hempel is successful, then the truth about vampires will be exposed and people will realize that vampires aren’t merely a figment of storytelling or mythology, but real and most likely their next-door neighbors. Then James and Sarah might have to deal with how society at large deals with the knowledge about vampires. Will people be accepting? Not accepting? If people accept vampires, then there isn’t much of a problem and James no longer has to hide his true nature from everyone but a trusted few. But if vampires are perceived to be a threat, then James could be in trouble. What kind of trouble? It depends on how dangerous vampires are perceived to be.

Are others involved that may be harmed if this investigation does prove that undead exist? If so, how are Sarah and James related to those folks? Can association with others bring more danger to the couple?

Everyone involved with James could be potentially harmed if Hempel’s plan to expose vampires comes to fruition. Sarah would be the most obvious target, being the vampire’s wife. Because of his experiences during the Salem Witch Trials where his wife was accused of witchcraft though she was innocent, James is particularly concerned about what might happen to Sarah if a vampire hysteria breaks out. Even their friends, witches Olivia and Jennifer, could have problems due to their closeness with James. Jennifer especially has reason to be concerned since she’s now dating a vampire, James’s longtime friend Chandresh.

Briefly describe the magical systems of your world. How do those who are empowered, Sarah, James, and any others, gain their abilities?

James is a vampire, and he was “turned” in 1692 by one enigmatic gentleman by the name of Geoffrey. He’s your basic vampire, James, out at night, stays away from the sun, drinks blood, and looks like he’s 30 though he’s 350. Also, there’s more to Geoffrey than meets the eye, and James has a lot to learn about Geoffrey in Book Three. Olivia and Jennifer are descendants of a long line of witches and their magic is hereditary. Their ancestor Miriam was a witch who first met James in 1693. James and Miriam’s family have been connected ever since. Howard is a werewolf, and his abilities are also hereditary. We learn more about his connection to his adopted vampire son, Timothy, in Book Two. James suspects Geoffrey “turned” Timothy too, though he can’t prove it yet. Sarah is very human, though she comes to suspect she may be a ghost as well. Eventually, she learns the truth about her dreams, and her connection to James.

Thanks so much, Marsha! I really enjoyed answering these questions—they’re so different from the other questions I’ve been answering. I hope you’re doing well!

Meredith, thanks so much for visiting and sharing about your fascinating new release!

Her Loving Husband’s Curse
Book Two of The Loving Husband Trilogy
By Meredith Allard

How far will you go to protect the one you love?

Finally, after many long and lonely years, James Wentworth’s life is falling into place. Together with his wife, Sarah, the only woman he has ever loved, he has found the meaning behind her nightmares about the Salem Witch Trials, and now they are rebuilding the life they began together so long ago.

But the past is never far behind for the Wentworths. While Sarah is haunted by new visions, now about the baby she carried over three hundred years before, James is confronted with painful memories from his time with the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. Through it all, the persistent reporter Kenneth Hempel reappears, still determined to prove that the undead walk the earth. If Hempel succeeds in his quest, James and Sarah will suffer. Will the curse of the vampire prevent James and Sarah from living their happily ever after?

Her Dear & Loving Husband
Book One of The Loving Husband Trilogy
By Meredith Allard

James Wentworth has a secret. He lives quietly in Salem, Massachusetts, making few ties with anyone. One night his private world is turned upside down when he meets Sarah Alexander, a dead ringer for his wife, Elizabeth. Though it has been years since Elizabeth's death, James cannot move on. 

Sarah also has a secret. She is haunted by nightmares about the Salem Witch Trials, and every night she is awakened by visions of hangings, being arrested, and dying in jail. Despite the obstacles of their secrets, James and Sarah fall in love. As James comes to terms with his feelings for Sarah, he must dodge accusations from a reporter desperate to prove that James is not who, or what, he seems to be. Soon James and Sarah piece their stories together and discover a mystery that may bind them in ways they never imagined. Will James make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Sarah and prevent a new hunt from bringing hysteria to Salem again? 

Part historical fiction, part romance, part paranormal fantasy, Her Dear & Loving Husband is a story for anyone who believes that true love never dies.

Author Bio:

Meredith Allard is the Executive Editor of The Copperfield Review an award-winning literary journal for readers and writers of historical fictionShe received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from California State University, Northridge. She has taught writing to students aged 10 to 60, and she has taught creative writing and writing historical fiction workshops at Learning Tree University, UNLV, and the Las Vegas Writers Conference. Her writing has appeared in journals such as The Paumanok Review,  MoondanceWild Mind,Muse Apprentice GuildThe Maxwell Digest, CarbLiteWriter’s Weekly, and ViewsHound. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Hi Marsha! Thanks so much for posting the interview today, and thank you for the lovely introduction.