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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interviewing fantasy author Jolea M. Harrison about Guardians of the Word

I'm excited to have a chance to interview a dear friend and wonderful author, Jolea M. Harrison. She's sharing interesting info about her fantasy series, Guardians of the Word. Her magical system is fascinating. Check out her world...

In the Guardians of the Word, what types of evil must your main character, Dynan Telaerin, fight against?

The ultimate kind, the heart of evil, the BIG ONE - personified by the demon, Beliel. From that pinnacle of darkness, the tendrils spread outward, seeping into the souls of the ignorant and unguarded. It’s the kind of evil that could infiltrate anyone, anywhere, at any time. Of course it has, in one Maralt Adaeryn, the epitome of evil. He started out as one of the good guys, but his arrogance opens a path for evil to reach him. His fall from grace is extreme and unforgivable.

In Legend, Dynan must run and hide his identity even more than he did in the previous adventures of this series. What is chasing him?

Running from place to place takes a tremendous toll. There’s no sense of connection. No feeling of being at home, in a physical sense as well as a mental one. Also, he’s the equivalent of any modern famous person, say, Brad Pitt - everyone knows who he is, so if he goes out in public, he can be recognized, discovered, which in turn leads to more running. So at the same time as being pursued all over the galaxy by the bad guys, Dynan’s own identity is chasing him. He has to find somewhere where no one knows his name, and that is a dangerous and difficult undertaking...and also - it doesn’t work.

Legend is the story of Dynan’s survival, rediscovering a reason to live. What previously challenged his will to go on?

Dynan is a young man who has suffered a lot of loss in his life in a relatively short period of time, so it’s a lot for anyone to absorb much less a guy who is twenty-two. He’s being hunted. People he loves are dying all around him. Everywhere he goes, terrible things happen to the point he feels responsible for them because he exists. Along with being an Epic Fantasy, Legend touches on the issues everyone faces in life when dealing with death. How do you pick yourself up and go on? He has to live, but in order to survive he has to figure out how without it driving him completely insane.

How do Dynan’s dreams and nightmares become real?

Dynan is the focal point of two divergent entities of power, one on the side of good and one on the side of evil. The premise is that if he finds out too soon what is really going on, his lack of experience and youth will lend itself to the powers of evil and he’ll end up being used as a kind of portal from the world of the demon into the world of the living. They’ll take the power he intrinsically holds, and use it against the world. Of course that’s what the bad guys want, so they send him dreams that show him the truth. The good guys keep trying to keep him from remembering these dreams, which makes them into liars. In Legend, the armor of lies starts to crack when some of the dreams he’s had walk into his life as living, breathing people.

Briefly describe the magical systems of your world. How do those who are empowered gain their abilities?

The main characters of my story are telepathic. They have the usual ability to communicate with each other, and they have the ability to attack one another. One of the interesting precepts is the requirement of blocking these attacks. That’s done through mental imagination and the ability to intently concentrate on a single item, or it could be a location, for extended periods of time until the attack stops. It requires training to succeed. As in real life, attention to detail is difficult to maintain. For a telepath a short attention span can be deadly.

Thanks Marsha for letting me stop by your blog world. If your readers want more information on the Guardians of the Word series, they can get it at the following websites –
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The Guardians of the Word is an epic fantasy, science fiction amalgam that tells the story of Dynan Telaerin's struggle to rid the world of evil. After having barely survived the loss of his twin brother Dain, Dynan is forced to run father and submerge his identity further than ever before. LEGEND is the story of his survival, how he discovers a reason to want to live and where he learns that dreams can be real. But as with Chosen, Myth and Telepath, nothing is guaranteed. Dreams can be real but so can nightmares.

Author Bio~
Many authors will say, Ive been writing for as long as I can remember, a statement that may be met with some skepticism, but it happens to be true! The first story I wrote I was about nine or ten. It was an illustrated (on 3 x 5 cards!) tale about a young princess in search of the Kings approval, who went out and killed the evil monster none of the knights could slay! After reading Lord of the Rings, the fantasy bug bit, leaving an indelible mark, which was then complicated by my immediate love of Star War. So its no real surprise to me that Im still writing after all these years, the way I want, without regard to genre.

I began writing The Guardians of the Word many, many years ago, stopping and starting while life moved on. It was always a dream to publish. After my fair share of typical agent rejection notices, and upon hearing about the major changes the publishing industry was facing, I thought - in the words of George Bernard Shaw - why not?

~ ~ ~
Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. Read her ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS for adventurous epic fantasy romance: Book One, SEEKING A SCRIBE, and Book Two, HERITAGE AVENGED. She has also authored the Ciel's Legacy series, with fast action mermaid/pirate storylines: TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE and TORTUGA TREASURE.  For a FREE ebook download, read her historic fantasy, LE CIRQUE DE MAGIE, available at Amazon and Smashwords.


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