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Monday, February 13, 2012

Magical Monday: Does this tool work steampunk magic?

What sort of magic does this item possess? Is it a tool or a weapon? Who might use it?

I’m not altogether certain, but its shape makes me think of what a sorcerer might use in the steampunk era. This is my guess because it looks as though parts move and fit together in intricate ways. The lower wheeled portion might rotate as well as hinging. The upper piece looks like it slides exactly into place within the jaws of the lower.

I wonder what will happen when the upper piece does slide down all the way. Perhaps this is a magical timing device, and all sorts of wondrous events will be set into motion at that moment. Or precisely when fully inserted, a time travel will happen for those the wizard designated. 

Who uses this well-crafted magical instrument? And for what purpose? Tell me what you think.

This week, I'm also doing some traveling away from my home blog to share about my new release, Tortuga Treasure: Ciel's Legacy

Today, I'm at JD Revezzo’s Dreaming in Ink sharing secrets of mermagic--how to change a merman back into a human. It's tricky business, even for the experienced memaid. Find out more on her blog.

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Aaron M. R. said...

The February 13th item is actually a wine opener you would use in invisible bottles of wine Margauvius Clem has on his airship, The Usurper. It is the only way Mr. Clem has of keeping his crew out of his wine.

Marsha A. Moore said...

What a wonderful invention--an opener for invisible wine bottles! Love your idea. Thanks for sharing.