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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My guest, Athanasios, tells all about his new book, Mad Gods

Today, I'm pleased to welcome Athanasios, explaining his inspiration for writing Mad Gods.

It's commonly known that the doom and gloom associated with 2012 we've all been hearing about that is based on the few surviving scrolls of the mayan era. Thousands of written accounts of mayan life, their beliefs and their certainties i.e. science, mathematics, astrology, whatever physical and metaphysical knowledge they may have had were burned by the Franciscan and Dominican priests and their lackeys who took over mayan lands during the Spanish expansions into the New World.  Whether the awaited mayan armageddon happens or not is not the issue I'm raising here. What occurs to me is that whether the systematic whipping out of that knowledge was done purposely to keep something from world consciousness. We're all interconnected so what one part of the world knows there's a good chance that somebody else has thought the same thing i.e. pyramids by both early native Americans and Egyptians and much of their beliefs were similar, or not we cannot be sure because we don't have definitive records for either, especially the mayans, aztecs and incas. 

Until now I was under the misinterpretation that the Mayan 2012 prophecies were based on remaining 7 codices out of an unknown amount of codices that existed before the Spanish conquered them. I was wrong it was only 4 that remained after the Spanish decided that all these scrolls were the work of the devil and the doom and gloom everybody is predicting for 2012 is based on 1, only ONE scroll the Dresden scroll, named thus because that's where it is now. Now we don't know what the scroll actually says, everybody is interpreting it. Not only interpreting but translating to boot, based on what 3 other scrolls? Our knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphics only came to us after centuries of countless scrolls and wall carvings when Jean-Fran├žois Champollion found the Rosetta Stone in the 1800's. We're still arguing that a lot of what's been translated from the Rosetta Stone is misinterpreted. Come on now can't we at least say that we're not sure about the Mayan scrolls conclusions and all our fears are based on incomplete and inconclusive data?

Of the four remaining singularly unique Mayan scrolls that all our Mayan hypotheses are based on the single one we’ve interpreted the prediction for the end of the world is the Dresden scroll, located in Dresden, Germany. Now here's the interesting part, there are MANY unique and singular books and codices in Dresden, notably the original German Book of Abramelin.

What's that you say? The Abramelin was written in the 14th century originally in Hebrew, who most linguists agree is very similar to German about Kabalistic and ancient Hebraic magical practices. This is important to note not because magic exists or not but because many believed it did, most notably ALL the opium and absinthe addled european gentry who established such crack pot organizations as the ODO, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Wicca and Thelema peopled by William Yates, MacGreggor Mathers, and Alistair Crowley. Also important to note that these magicians and secret orders based their practices on the work on the Abramelin by MacGreggor Mathers in his english translation of a french translation of the original german or as we saw ancient Hebrew. So the two times it was translated so skewed the content of the Abramelin that in the most recent english translation from the original German shows four distinct sections to the Mathers' version of three. Was Mathers trying to condense and edited the content to fit, did he make mistakes who knows? One thing for certain all those we hold as dangerous, magicians and sorcerers in our modern time were practicing their craft on incomplete and doubtful foundations.

There have been many maligned and misunderstood people in history who we've come to believe and characterize as evil.  Notably Alistair Crowley.  I'm not defending whatever he did or how he lived his life but I think it should be noted that he is a very good example to have as what NOT to do in your life and how you conduct yourself. In fact any Ubber bad person i.e. Stalin, Satan and the like can be used thus.  Sounds simplistic I know but it works.

It’s only a matter of time where these men will become model beings. They will be revered and looked up to. This has happened with cultures, most notably Rome. Rome became because the powerhouse it is known as because they destroyed all their enemies.  First it was their neighbours on the Italian peninsula then it was the Carthaginians in the Punic wars, then the Greeks to their west then the rest of the world with the Hittites, Persians, Egyptians, Carpathians and Celts.  What would the world look like now if they hadn't?  If the Carthaginians had won the Punic wars where the Romans were armed lawyers and the Carthaginians were armed merchants would we be a more commercial society?  What about the Celts, if they had defeated Caesar would we be a more spiritual society? Interesting to me don't know about anybody else though.

Rome’s intellectual and scrupulous successors the Catholic Church followed the same rules: they weren't called Roman Catholic Church for nothin'.  From their inception they tolerated NO opposition, nay they took it further: they tolerated NO thought of opposition.  If there was even spoken dissension those dissenting were excommunicated, shunned or killed outright.  Not just individuals though, whole other beliefs and deviants of Xianity were warred on: Crusades 1-8, the Reformation wars, most jewish people who lived in medieval Europe, or obliterated from the earth: the Albigensian Crusade. Incredible how the Romans went from temporal power to spiritual dominance where the real money is. 

Mad Dogs, blurb:
For fans of Dan Brown, Joseph Campbell and Elaine Pagels,

the Omen and the Exorcist...

Bible Revelation is crucified when the Antichrist refuses his destiny and makes an apocalyptic escape from Satanists, Templars, Dark Nobility & the Catholic Church.

Kostadino Paleologos searches the entire world for a codex that is rumored to catalogue the Antichrist's past lives and finding it, throws prophecy into chaos.

He kidnaps and raises the infant Antichrist: calls him Adam and teaches what he learned in his search for the Idammah-Gan Codex.  He shows Adam that the truth to which every faith aspires cannot be seen because we who comprise these faiths: are flawed.  We see, hear, smell, taste and touch with inadequate tools. Even our intellect, on that which we rely to understand is limited; unable to comprehend the totality of truth. Truth is too large -or too small- to absorb; it transcends everything.

In the end the Antichrist sees that religion i.e. faith is outside reason, but whatever solace we get is lost in the translation. 

Links to Athanasios and his book, Mad Gods:

Author Bio: 
In third person to add a note of deluded self importance.

Athanasios works in Montreal as a graphic/video artist, illustrator and writer in dvd production and film. He has been researching and crafting Mad Gods: weaving in factual and rumoured history for over ten years. 

Athanasios has been interested in religion and faith since childhood. This led to studying a bewildering variety of beliefs from pagan, wicca, judaism, christianity, islam, to hindu, buddhism, shinto, luciferianism and much more. The interest made its own momentum & brought Mad Gods. 

His other interests include most entertainment, from film, to television and books. He won't try video games for the same reason he doesn't keep his favourite booze in the house; he would do nothing else. There was a short time that he was into World of Warcraft but that became the obsession he knew it would be. He had to leave it for a deeper and more engrossing one: Mad Gods