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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Interviewing Linell Jeppsen about her terrific new vampire novel, The Hunt

How is The Hunt  different from other vampire books?

The Hunt differs from the newer models of vampire fiction in that is for adults about adults. You will find no sparkly vampires in this novel, or teenage girls dying to be bitten. These vampires are the last of a dying breed, who will do anything to survive in this modern era. This book is dark, violent, noble and heart-breaking.
Why did you choose to set the story in the Pacific Northwest?

I have lived my whole life in the Pacific Northwest. My grandparents lived here, and every year my family and I would travel to Swan Lake to swim, pick huckleberries, and picnic. It seems only natural that I would place the main action in The Hunt, at an icy glacial lake, in the mountains I know, and love best.

Did you have to do any research in order to write The Hunt? If so, please describe.

Yes! Raphael Goldhawk enters the land of men while in his early sixties. This is around the year 1600. There was a lot of research done for language, norms, dress and who ruled the British monarchy at that time. I also needed to go into the Portuguese dictionary, and do a lot of geographical research for England, France and Portugal. There was mile to kilometer conversions and stuff to learn about guns, bows and arrows. Whew!

Tell us about your favorite character in your book. What makes him/her your favorite?

I have two favorites---Raphael, of course…he is noble, handsome, tender, kind and tortured by what he is, and what he must do to survive. But I love Harley as well. He is noble, handsome, tender…wait, is there an echo in here? You have to read The Hunt, to see what I mean!

How do your vampires interact with humans? Do they mingle freely in society, fight each other bitterly, maintain separate lives as much as possible, etc.?

My vampires try as hard as possible NOT to interact with humans. The survival of the species depends on their remaining aloof from human beings (what was once considered prey) especially now, with the advent of modern technology. That is why what Raul has done poses such a threat to the high vampire council, and why Raphael risks so much to stop Raul’s reign of terror over the hapless victims in, The Hunt!

Synopsis of The Hunt

A ragged band of vampires are cutting a bloody band of destruction from Alaska to Washington State! As frost turns the leaves gold and paints the high mountain treetops silver,  hundreds of hunters arrive in Swan Valley for their annual deer hunt. What they don't know is an outcast band of vampires have arrived as well.

Raphael Goldhawk, king of the high vampire council, has decreed the taking of human life unlawful. Raul Stannard, an ancient enemy of the half-human king, is determined to overthrow the council, even if it means the exposure and eventual annihilation of the vampire race.

Four people, a Ferry County forest ranger (Roger Atley), an Indian spirit-walker (Harley Truefeather), and a young married couple (Brian and Holly Jensen), are about to be caught up in an ancient power struggle, and in a love affair as old as time itself. 

This novel combines ancient history with modern times, in an epic show-down between good and evil, love and hate. Grab your camping gear and hold on tight! It's time for The Hunt!

About the Author

Linell Jeppsen is a retired grocery store checker and high school custodian. She has been writing her entire life, but was recently chosen by Phyllis Scott Publishing for her novel, The Hunt.

She had previously won third place in a science fiction short story contest for The Gag Gift which is featured in Mixed Blessing and other Short Stories and The Last Astronaut.

She is now hard at work on her second novel titled Story Time. It is a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic novel, which is due to be released this fall.

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Meredith Allard said...

Hi Marsha. Thanks for this interview with Linell. I hadn't heard of The Hunt before and it sounds fascinating--so different from other vampire books. I love it when people expand the vampire genre.

Marsha A. Moore said...

The Hunt does seem to have a very fresh take on vampires. I also like that it's set where Linell lives. I'm big on setting, and when you write about a place you know and love, it adds a layer of polish to the story. Thanks for stopping in, Meredith!