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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Lunch with J.K. Rowling

For this week’s Alternate Read Blog Hop, the topic is…
If you could have lunch/dinner with one author, who would it be? What sort of restaurant would you select for the meeting? What would you want to ask him/her? How would you expect the conversation to go? Paint a written picture of the event.

I’d be waiting in an out-of the-way, little, English pub for her to arrive, worrying if she would or wouldn’t show up. I’d be disappointed if she didn’t, but scared speechless if she did. As she entered, I’d forget to breathe. She’d smile as she shook my hand and took a seat at our table, probably pleased the media hadn’t located her yet. I’m sure after her latest news, getting out of the house without reporters would be a real occasion. Her eyes would often dart to the door, knowing they’d be on her tail soon, given her recent announcement to “self-release” her own e books for the Harry Potter series solely through her website. Everyone’s clamoring to determine if she’s “going Indie,” and I am too! She must feel like a queen, doling out chores as she sees fit, permitting Scholastic to only assist with marketing.

However, I’d probably save those industry questions for later, not wanting to appear like a gossip-hound. All that is sensational and exciting break-out news in the changeable publishing industry, but what I most admire is her writing. I’d take a deep breath and several sips of water to steady my nerves to stop the incessant strings of verbiage gushing out of my mouth. Hopefully, I’d ask if she planned the entire series as she designed the first book. I suspect she did, since many clues in book one are utilized later. But, perhaps not; maybe she expanded upon little bits of magical nothingness from the first book once she realized the potential for success of the series. Many later books have deftly-placed red herrings or misclues. I’d ask if she initially worried those might have been misunderstood by readers or criticized as loose ends she left dangling. Ms. Rowling would be her usual cordial self and answer me with sincerity as well as a chuckle or so.

Only after some press bounded in, would she raise her guard. Her shoulders would stiffen, but she’d give me a quick-but-magical smile and thank me politely as her aides tried to rush her away from the media scrutiny.
~   ~   ~
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Anonymous said...

J.K. Rowling seems like such a nice person. You'd probably have a wonderful lunch! Maybe even autographed copies of her books. Lucky!

Sharron Riddle said...

I would love to speak with her! What an imaginative mind. I loved your post. What a fun idea.

Marsha A. Moore said...

@Diane She really is very gracious.

@Sharron It would be fun to enter her mind for a bit!

Angelika Devlyn said...

Hey! We both chose Rowling! Spooky!

I know mine was a bit of a laugh, but yes, she does seem a very nice person and I would still love to really speak to her!

A lovely post, describes exactly how I would really be if we ever met like that.

Here's mine... Very tongue in cheek story!

Brace yourself! LOL


Ciara said...

Oh my word. I wouldn't be able to speak. She is so awesome. :)

Marsha A. Moore said...

It would take a lot of courage, for sure! Thanks for visiting, Ciara!