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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcoming Bitten Twice with her new release Marked

Today, I'm very pleased to invite author Bitten Twice back to tell about another great new publication she has just released.


Animal Attraction

“I love you”…

“I love you too”

Words spoken so easily… and just how hard is it to keep this new found love?

Would it mean more to suggest to a partner that you’d always be there? Do we mistake the unmistakable chemistry for love?

We are wired to be able to discern the compatibility of a potential mate. Within seconds our brains have made an assessment and determined a level of interest. Haven’t you ever wondered how corners you’ve turned and yet there’s always one or two people whose eye catches your attention. 

Now many will say that animal attraction is lust. Hot and heavy, unmistakable, make me a hot fudge sundae lust! Those same people will differentiate between love and lust claiming 35 years of marriage. But what’s the difference? Well after lust there’s commitment.

If you buy a book and it’s a best seller, how many times do you read it? If you love it you may open that book quite a few times over your lifetime cracking the bind and plunging back into that world. But as people you can’t just pop your partner on the shelf and hope they wait for you to invest yourself again. On the contrary they are a book that needs to have the pages turned daily. Does the story get old? Sometimes…

So is the answer as easy as “Keep me forever in lust…!” but how hard will most people work to keep it alive?

Marked is a story where opposites attract. While the main character has waited for what feels like an eternity to find his soul mate, the hard part he’s finding is managing to stay together. 

Have you ever met anyone that you know you’re just destined to be with?

To what extreme would you go to stay together?

Great legends tell of the pairing of souls. 
Two that would come together in an eternal bond yielding great power. 
Forever marked with a destiny waiting to unfold.
The wielders of light in darkness' final hour.

Demonic forces threaten to tip the balance of power for all worlds. Xan, King of the Cats, is one of many called in by the Templar organization to eliminate the source of the trouble brewing in North America. Arriving in New York Xan, a powerhouse of seduction, meets Katherine and begins to wonder whether he has met his soul mate or fallen into a trap. The war with the underworld comes topside and Xan is in the midst of fighting an unfamiliar battle - rejection. Can Katherine accept their differences?

Author Bio:
Bitten Twice is an author who primarily writes in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres.
She recently released the first in the Macedo Ink vampire series in October of 2010 and can be found on
the web at

Bitten Twice currently lives in Hollywood, FL with her family. Courageously in love with one man and two
children, they all take care of the family’s two dogs. Bitten is a lifetime member of the Florida Writer’s
Association and an associate member of International Thriller Writers.



Lena Sledge said...

Nice post. I feel so very lucky to be with the person I'm destined to be with. The book sounds very interesting. I probably would've never picked it up based on the cover, but it does sound like its worth reading.

Bertena Varney said...

Thank you for hosting today:) I love your blog!

Marsha A. Moore said...

You're very welcome, Bertena.

Thanks for visiting, Lena.

Bitten Twice said...

Thank you Marsha for hosting today's stop.

Thank you Lena for joining in and commenting on the Blog tour.

Thanks Bertena.