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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm PLEASED to welcome Mila Ramos on tour with her anthology Echoes and Illusions

In today's A to Z Blogging Challenge, 'P' is for being PLEASED to welcome my guest, Mila Ramos, telling about her new anthology of stories, Echoes and Illusions.

Hello everyone!

Thanks goes to those readers and fans who have contacted me asking questions about the tour and those who have been following the entire way! I have been having a wonderful time!  Seeing as I don’t want to keep you from the two people of the spotlight, I’ll just turn things over to Ana and Cody.

A felt heart thank you goes to Illusions of Intimacy for being my host today. Thank you so much! Without further and I give you Ana and Cody!

Smoke and Mirrors
    Part of the Echoes and Illusions Anthology.

Every now and then, time doesn’t erase all the pain.

Tell me about it. I can tell you all about the times in life when years can go by and nothing will ease that pain.  Hi there all, I’m Ana Fiore or the Ice Queen as I’ve been sweetly dubbed at work.  I didn’t always act this way you know; jaded.  A few years ago, you would have thought I walked on the clouds. But then again that was years ago when my things were different.  Now? Well now you can thank Dakota Hastings for the change. No matter. As long as I can get my hospital funded and secured, that’s all that’s important.  Maybe a one-way ticket for Dakota Hastings straight out of the medical community would be nice but beggars can’t be choosers.

But even that pain isn’t always what it seems.

Have you ever turned invisible in front of someone? If you have not had the chance, let me tell you what it feels like; crap.  It’s as if you’re stuck in between worlds and you no matter how hard you try, you know that every step you take is pushing you further down the wrong path. Lately though something is telling me to do the unthinkable, to prove not only to myself that some things aren’t as clear cut as one would think.  Crazy as it sounds; I need to do this because if I don’t, I think there’s more than just my life on the line.

Ana Fiore is about to learn she isn’t the only expert at deception in Echoes and Illusions.

Meet Ana Fiore
Age: Early 30’s
Body Type: 5’6” or so. Trained as a ballet dancer since childhood and have maintained my Pilates since then.
Personality: Strong work ethic with fierce determination. There are a few things I need to accomplish in this life and dwelling or deviating from that isn’t what I need to do.
Background:  I’m a doctor; I get my brain beat up on a daily basis. On the rare occasion, okay all the time, I turn my charm on to others. Sometimes my father likes to hop on that band wagon and drive me nuts by insisting things that is just beyond him.
Special Talent: Chilling people to the bone with a single stare. Making the residents wish they had never met me. I have the ability to serve a particular dish cold.
Best Trait: I know you wouldn’t think it but I do have a kind heart…when I’m not at work…or near Dakota…or had my coffee.  
What would she die for: Ha! Right, like I’m going to answer that one.
How do you feel about Dakota Hastings: WOW, we are just going for the low blows today aren’t we? Cody is okay. I don’t see him, he doesn’t see me, we have a great relationship as colleagues.

Meet Dakota Hastings
Age: Early 30’s
Body Type: Played college ball and still love to when I need to release some stress. So I guess I’m built like a basketball player.
Personality: I’ve been told I have a calling to medicine. I tend to make people feel more at ease in my presence. Calm and peaceful is mostly what I hear from patients. In this field you need a lot of bedside manner to deal with the things we do day-to-day.
Background:  I’m a doctor; first in my generation and not the last. When my kids are old enough I want them to see everything I get to do and hopefully they’ll follow in my path.  I’m currently trying to find a way to make up for lost time, but as of now I’m not doing all that well.
Special Talent: Calming people down with my touch. Like I said, I just have a calming effect on people.
Best Trait: Listening. I tend to listen and watch people than I do in trying to get my thoughts out. Sounds strange but that’s just me.  
What would he die for: Understanding.
How do you feel about Ana Fiore: More than you would ever realize.  Ana is a fierce flame. She’s hot and spicy one minute, cool and indifferent the next.  Something about that woman that just makes me want to throttle her sometimes and…well you get the picture.

Echoes & Illusions:
Ebook and Print -

A curious invitation mystifies acclaimed movie critic Moira Castle.   In an industry where word of mouth is reality, Moira comes back home to the unexpected.  Memories surge as an old movie reel and theater owner Toren McCann hold answers that have lain quiet for far too long.

The Seventh Legend
Some stories are based on legend, some on rumor. Some stories are real.  For a young woman her childhood book has something more than imagined.  The book contains the story of a real hero facing an unimaginable evil that’s been after since she was a child.

The Watchers

In a world where duty and honor are binding and crucial Selene, a Coven Enforcer, has to choose between the life she knows and the life she yearns.  On a dark and stormy night Selene learns that some rules are meant to be broken, even immortal ones.

Smoke & Mirrors
Dr. Ana Fiore has earned her reputation “Dr. Ice” by her solid work and rigid personality. Sent to a conference for determination of Chief of Staff, she is snowed in
with rival and colleague Dr. Dakota Hastings. Face-to-face with Dakota, she learns she isn’t the only expert at illusion. 

All about Mila
Mila was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  At an early age she learned the valuable secrets books contained. It all started with the Lois Duncan book, “A Gift of Magic.” Mysterious worlds, far away places helped nourish different ideas and concepts of the real world.  It was through this that she discovered a whole new realm of depth.

The books ranged, and as they did so did her love for different types.  Starting with William Shakespeare, Mila went through all the literary bests; William Blake, Joseph Conrad, Anais Nin, Leo Tolstoy, Ayn Rand, Maya Angelou, Victor Hugo.  Until one day she read a book that changed her life, her first true romance book where characters were real, came to life, and could be the person next door.  From there the world expanded from Nora Roberts, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, and beyond. With these authors, her writing took a new turn to role group playing and writing in the paranormal scene.  Through this, the stories had more vivid ideas and better yet were actually getting heard.

She currently working on her doctorate in Organic Chemistry and resides in Texas, with her husband, family, friends. Her favorite genres are: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Erotica and anything her mind concocts. Crazy and silly as the ideas she sometimes has, her heart is as true as gold and hopes her readers enjoy the stories she writes as much as she loves to write them.  

One lucky commenter will win a print copy of Echoes and Illusions. Contest ends midnight EDT, April 26th. (US entries only)



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One lucky commenter, here


Mila Ramos said...

Thank you Qwk drw for dropping by! Good luck to you!

And thank you Marsha for hosting me! You are gorgeous doll!

Chrisbails said...

would love to win this book. mila is a new author for me and can't wait to check out this book.

the interivew was great. keep on writing the great books.

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I'm following Miss Mila around today! :)

Mila Ramos said...

*peeks from under the table to Mysti* You're following me.....:D :D :D :D *throws you chocolate*

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