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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roseanne Dowell is my guest, telling all about her coming book, Stranger on the Shore

From the moment I saw the fantastic cover art for this book, I've been eager to learn more about this upcoming release from my dear friend and fellow Muse author, Roseanne Dowell. It's almost time--the release date for Stranger on the Shore is March 1st! And she's here today to give us a taste of what I know will be a great read.

A storm rolls in across Lake Erie on a cold October day. Weather advisories have been out all morning about the rain turning to snow from this Lake Effect storm. People are being advised to stay off the roads. 

So why in the heck would someone go fishing? That’s what author, Jordan Blake would like to know when a strange man’s body washes up on her shoreline. 

Wave after wave of cold water smashes over the rocks, threatening to pull Jordan in with the stranger while she tries to rescue him. Thank God he’s alive. The idea of spending the night locked in her house with a corpse didn’t appeal to her. Somehow she managed to pull, push, and roll the man to her deck and finally into her family room.

Unfortunately, when he wakes up, he doesn’t know who he is and worse, Jordan is strangely attracted to him.

Stranger on the Shore will be available from Muse It Up Publishing March 1st
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Excerpt from Stranger on the Shore

“Darn, it’s getting cold.” Jordan shivered and zipped her sweat shirt.  She hated storms, hated thunder and lightning most of all.  Grabbing at some papers that flew across the deck as the wind picked up, a movement caught the corner of her eye. Something washed up on the shore. Something big. A body? 

Jordan jumped off the deck and raced toward the craggy shoreline.  Dark clouds hovered across the lake. Cold water splashed against her as waves crashed against the rocks like angry arms hurling water at an invisible enemy. The crash of thunder echoed across the lake. Ducking her head as lightening streaked across the sky and the air crackled with electricity, she thought she must be nuts. Probably just a bunch of old clothes washed up. Still, she had to see for herself. 

Surely, no one in their right mind would be in the water this time of year? There had been storm warnings on the radio all morning. No one would be stupid enough to ignore the forecast. Would they? Heavy rain and strong winds then turning to snow, with a drastic drop in temperature, and blizzard-like conditions weren’t anything to ignore. Jordan winced as lightning flashed again, back-lighting the dark clouds.  Darn it, she wanted to be inside cuddling by the fire not out here in a storm. For two cents, she’d turn around and go back. But something drew her forward.

A man’s body against the rocks.

Oh, Lord, please don’t let him be dead. She had planned for a quiet weekend, writing. A weekend with a corpse wasn’t on her list of quiet. But she couldn’t leave him out here either. 

Jordan came closer and stooped down next to him. Lifting his head out of the water, above the crashing waves, she felt for a pulse. Thank God, he’s alive. Now how to get him out of here? She grabbed his arm, rolled him over and tried to pull him from the fury of the lake. Wave after wave pounced on him, their foamy peaks trying to reclaim him. Lord, if she ever needed help, now was the time.  Struggling to roll him to higher ground, she lost her breath. His long, muscular frame outweighed her slender five foot two body and felt like dead weight.

“You’re going to have to help me.” Jordan grunted and gasped for breath when the full force of icy waves pulled her down and washed over both of them. 

No response. 

“Damn it. I can’t do this alone.” 

Still no response.

Great, how was she going to pull him to safety? “I hate to do this, but I see no alternative.” Jordan took a deep breath and pushed him over, rolling him like a barrel and trying to avoid cutting him on the sharp rocks. It wasn’t easy, but at least he moved.

“Come on!” Jordan tried to encourage some life from his limp body.  Once he was far enough away from the waves, she stared at him for a moment, before leaning down to give him mouth to mouth. His long straight nose, eyes set wide with bushy eyebrows and the grin on his lips, even in his unconscious state, sent a ripple of excitement through her body.

Not a handsome man, but something about him caused heat deep inside her. Shrugging off the urge to run her fingers through his curly black hair, she began mouth to mouth. When her mouth touched his lips, opened them slightly, something familiar tugged on her heart. She hadn’t touched a man's lips in, what, three years. This wasn’t exactly the way she imagined touching them again. Not that she ever imagined it. Never even thought about it. She’d had enough of men to last her a lifetime.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks for having me, Marsha.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great excerpt Roseanne! What a way to ruin a weekend of writing. :)
Thanks Marsha for hosting Roseanne and giving me another title for my 'to be read' list.

Marva Dasef said...

Another good read coming up from MIU. Nice excerpt, Roseanne.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for March 1st, Rosanne - it sounds awesome! Congratulations, Muse sister.
Kay Dee